WOW! What happened?

I want things back to the way things were.

I am 50/50 with everyone the past few weeks about Coach Rick Pitino. We had no problem with him when we were 12-0. We had no problem with him after close games with Memphis and Vandy.

Remember he walked off the court holding the "L," and everyone was so excited to see this Rick Pitino. Remember how we all agreed that "This is the team Rick Pitino is waiting for," remember?

Remember when we all agreed with Pitino when he said that this years team is the 'most fun,' team he has ever had the opportunity to coach with and had this to prove it?:4c2e42790e12a90c2d40b1ebc523c367-getty-134586104_medium


Remember these days, three weeks ago? Well I certainly do. I remember the days that we would praise Pitino because this team was one of his best along with the University of Louisvilles best start to a season in a while.

Ever since the Georgetown loss everyone has had it with Pitino, everyone wants him out of Louisville, I don't.

The only thing about Coach Pitino that gets me mad is his after loss excuses and his before playing a team that he knows he is going to lose to quote: "Any team can beat any team."

As said by someone in the last open thread, Pitino takes these all American recruits and makes them look like walk on. He never takes the risk of getting young players in the game so when he really needs his young players they look nervous.

They look like they do not know how to run his system, Siva looks like he is waiting to get yelled at one more time and using it as an excuse to dare I say TRANSFER.

Chane Behanan is NOT looking like the promised All American we had hoped for, Peyton Siva has improved so little since his Freshman year, and I havn't even seen Angel Nunez play, and even Samardo Samuels back in the day.

But why is it that he makes these under looked 3 star high school players look like All Americans?

For example: Kyle Kuric, Russ Smith, Preston Knowles.

I just want to go back to the old days, and even if there is any outside distractions, Pitino should get through these young men's minds that "What happens before you walk on this court is your business and take care of it on your own time, your playing basketball now forget about anything else for 48 minutes, you have the rest of your day to worry about outside distractions."

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