Gorgui Dieng And The Blocked Shot

I saw a stat the other day after Kentucky played Louisville that Anthony Davis had all but 1 of his blocks recovered by Kentucky's players and Gorgui Dieng had almost all of his blocks go back to Kentucky. During the St John's game, all I could think about when Dieng blocked a shot is that St John's kept possession. I am left wondering how many of Dieng's blocks Louisville ends up with, how many of the the other team comes up with and how many points are scored as a result of both. I do NOT have a girlfriend. What a weird thing to wonder while reading an opening paragraph. Call me, ladies.


1) rebound by Chris Smith. Result: fast break 3 by Chris Smith 6 seconds later

2) offensive. Putback missed

3) rebound Siva. Missed 3 by Russ Smith 5 seconds later.

4) offensive rebound. Shot missed

5) rebound Angel Nunez. Chris Smith miss 8 seconds later


1) offensive rebound. Missed 3

2) Louisville team rebound. Charge on Chris Smith

3) Dieng rebound. Chris Smith dunk 6 seconds later

4) Offensive rebound. Missed 3


1) Offensive rebound. Missed 3

2) Offensive rebound. Layup

Arkansas State

1) Offensive rebound. Layup

2) Offensive rebound. Offensive foul later in possession

3) Kuric rebound. Louisville scores on that possession

4) Team offensive rebound, so it was blocked out of bounds. Arkansas St gets fouled, makes 1 of 2.


1) Behanan Rebound. Louisville turned it over.

2) Offensive rebound. Ohio scored off another offensive rebound on a missed layup.

Long Beach State

1) Team offensive rebound. Turnover


1) Team offensive rebound. Turnover

2) Offensive rebound. Layup


1) Louisville team rebound. Possession ended in a turnover


1) Behanan Rebound. Turnover 2 seconds later

2) Dieng rebound. Russ Smith gets fouled 12 seconds later, making 1 FT.

3) Justice rebound. Behanan missed dunk 5 seconds later.

4) Offensive rebound. 2 free throws

5) Dieng rebound. Siva layup 6 seconds later

6) Offensive rebound. Turnover


1) Offensive rebound. 3 pointer 1 second later.

2) Offensive rebound. Possession ends with 1 free throw.

3) Dieng rebound. Turnover

4) Kuric rebound. Buckles turnover

5) Russ Smith rebound. Possession ends in a dunk

Western Kentucky

1) Dieng rebound. Turnover

2) Chris Smith rebound. Possession ended with a dunk.

3) Offensive rebound. Turnover


1) Kuric rebound. 2 free throws

2) Offensive rebound. Turnover.


1) Offensive rebound.

2) Offensive rebound. 2 free throws. Those happened on the same possession.

3) Offensive team rebound. Wiltjer jumper.

4) Chris Smith rebound. Missed shot 6 seconds later

5) Offensive team rebound. Davis dunk.

6) Offensive rebound. Kentucky got a layup that made it a 10 point game.

St John's

1) Offensive rebound. Turnover

2) Offensive rebound. Possession ended in a turnover

3) Dieng rebound. Dieng missed on the other end

4) Offensive rebound. Russ steal

5) Offensive rebound. Put back.

6) Kuric rebound. Missed 3 11 seconds later.

7) Dieng rebound. Russ missed 3 3 seconds later

Which leads to a total of:

Louisville rebounds: 22

Opponent rebounds: 28

Louisville points: 16

Opponent points: 25

Opponent shots after block: 19

Opponent free throws after block: 8

Opponent made free throws after block: 5

Opponent turnovers: 8

Since I mentioned Davis earlier, Kentucky has scored about 50 points and grabbed about 40 of his 67 blocks. They've given up in the mid 20s as well.

John Henson of North Carolina has 48 blocks. 26-21-1 rebounding foul advantage for UNC. 24-14 point advantage for North Carolina.

When you have an elite shot blocker, you assume that you can get easy buckets in transition because of him. That really hasn't happened with the Cards. It is nearly like a fluke to be outscored on possessions after your big man scores. Let alone by 9 points.

One minor solution I have is for Dieng to stop going for the Dwight Howard-esque SportsCenter block. If he blocks it in play, that opens opportunities for his teammates to score. This is one of those rare occasions when something you think, the Cards don't score after Dieng blocks, is true. I'm kind of surprised how true it is.

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