I'm Back (but you probably didn't miss me)

I took a self imposed hiatus from commenting here, following the UK loss. Now that the Cards are back on track, I figured I would return with some thoughts.

Why the hiatus?

Well, like many of you, I am incapable of rational thought during the UL-Uk game, and incapable of rational thought following the game. Had UL won, we would have enjoyed the musings of all the irrational fans (including mine)--visions of Final Fours and National Championships, Big East dominance, and curing cancer would have all been sure bets for the Cards. Following a loss, the irrational frustration, dissapointment, and constant harassment from our UK friends drives one to end-of-the-word, dire conclusions.

Like me, most of you have by now read all the posts and comments following the game. The irrational/emotional fan in me had many similar thoughts following the game (I won't rehash them here). The rational fan in me took a vacation on Saturday and I couldn't find him. He started making appearances Sunday, but it took a win last night for the rational fan to come back and reclaim his residence in me.

The rational fan in me wonders how we got here. I grew up on Denny Crum basketball. Like frankpos, I remember what that meant: When you followed a Denny Crum team, you knew what you were watching in November, December, and even into January was not the same team you were going to get come February and March. Even with Pitino, we're come to expect the November and December games with the erratic substitution patterns, the inconsistent minutes, and all the other crazy things he does while settling on a line-up and rotation. So why do we completely lose our minds over one loss?

Of course the irrational fan reminds me that a loss to UK is way worse than a loss to any other team. Somehow, in my irrational fan world, 1 > 1, because I have to listen to all my casualgamerreed friends ramble on about Our Savior Calipari, etc.

I'm excited for Big East basketball, I'm ready for Big East basketball, and I can't wait for the BET in MSG. This is a good UL team, with the potential to be great. That potential didn't go away with a couple losses at the end of December. There is still two more months of basketball to play. If we can get through BE play with 5 or fewer losses, we should be a team with a legitimate Final Four chance (barring, of course, the dreaded injury). If we can get hot in the second half of February and into March, this could be a Final Four team. The season is not lost; the season is not even disappointing; the season, is ahead of us.

This was theapeutic for me, but if you've read this far, thanks.

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