Andy Glockner calls Louisville top 10 program all-time, says fans have inferiority complex

Andy Glockner is a college basketball writer for And, he's a frequent tweeter who apparently likes to get attention from fanbases. I mean, why else do people tweet, right? You may need a little background for this story. After Swopshire's made 3 pointer in the final minutes of the Villanova game last week, Glockner posted a tweet that, basically, asked why Louisville fans were in a frenzy about a 3 point dagger to put away...Villanova.

Understand that I wasn't following Glockner at the time. I simply saw the tweet via a retweet from someone I do follow...and then I saw a myriad of responses to Glockner. I also tweeted back that he simply didn't know the circumstances and he looked like a fool for it. Fair? I thought so.

Fast-forward to Saturday night when related tweets were still filling my timeline. One in particular grabbed my attention and the following dialogue ensued:

AG: Ha, Lville fans still not getting it. Now you're comparing yourselves to Baylor? LOL.

Me: No, Andy. YOU aren't getting it. Give up.

AG: You don't have to follow, you know....

Me: I don't. But, thanks for replying.

AG: If you want to have an honest convo about my points, hit me up. If you want to yell and namecall, have a good one.

Me: Who name called? U made fun of Lville fans for cheering a 3pt dagger on Nova by kid returning from major injury. Ur point?

AG: I asked a simple Q. Some Lville fans gave reasonable answers. Some acted like little brother caricatures. My point was ...That I don't get, globally, why Lville fans have such an inferiority complex. You have a top-10 program all-time. I never said "Don't cheer a big shot or a win." I just said the reax vs Nova seemed over the top for a modest win. But it's easier for Lville fans to warp the message and tweet nonsensical stuff, not even realizing I'm defending their program

Me: All fair, but you didn't realize the excitement was for THAT shot and WHO made it. Your comment came across condescendingly. And, it was a horribly officiated game and the shot to put it away was a relief to a crowd that had been on edge all game. Yes, it may have seemed over the top. But, there were circumstances I'm guessing you didn't know. And, any conf win is huge. Anyway, thx for explaining yourself. Still think it came across differently than you intended. Thus, the backlash. Fair?

AG: Sure, that's fair. Thanks for discussing.

I've also seen similar Twitter "discussions" between Mr. Glockner and our own Chick Stratino, among others. I do find it interesting that the guy cares enough about how the fans react to respond so thoroughly. Maybe he just doesn't have anything else to do. Wait. Maybe I don't have anything else to do. But, I digress

Develop your own takeaway from Glockner's comments. We know we have a top 10 program all-time. But, do we really have an inferiority complex?

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