The Official Top 10 Gorguis

It’s been an incredibly tough few weeks for Louisville basketball. Loosing five of seven and having nearly the whole team injured in some way, shape or form has taken a toll not only on the players but on the fans as well.

One of the few mainstay’s in the ever changing, injury plagued line up has been without question the team’s most improved and arguably most loveable player, Gorgui Dieng.

Any Louisville fan knows that Gorgui has been a world traveler and is loved by all. In his short time in the states, he has found himself in some truly amazing pictures.

Mike has made reference to his top 10 favorite Gorgs in the past, and I feel in this tough time for Louisville basketball, there is no better way to lift our collective spirits than looking at my official Top 10 Gorgs.

Let’s have some fun.

Honorable Mention #3- pregame Stoic Gorgs:


A solid Gorgs silhouette, but not quite making the cut.

Honorable Mention #2- Point Guard Gorgs:


Who doesn’t love them some 6-11 point guard play?

Honorable Mention #1- Smiling Press Conference Gorgs:


It’s almost as nice as Smiling Chuck, but it seems to lack Charlie Strong’s sheer badass factor.

#10- Dwight Howard Gorgs:


Need I say more? This is pretty sweet.

#9- You Mad, Bro? Gorgs:


Don’t ask Gorgui questions he doesn’t want to hear. He will quickly give you the "You mad, bro" look.

#8- Feeding time Gorgs:


This would be number one if he had a napkin tucked into his shirt collar and an absurdly large plate of food.

#7- Neck Brace Gorgs:

I've been struggling endlessly to try and get this picture to load but it won't cooperate (ED. note: I got it.) It might be for the better to never see this Gorg again. This one was just debuted last week, and while it is clearly not a welcome sight for Louisville fans, it’s still kind of adorable.


#6- Nervous Gorgs:


When Gorgui gets nervous, he violently chews on his jersey. Russ is clearly not fazed by whatever he is witnessing on the floor.

#5- Beanie Baby Gorgs:


Is there anything more loveable? He is a monster when he sends shots back in players faces, but based on this picture alone, if I had kids I would totally trust him to baby sit and play with them.

#4- Innertube Gorgs:


Oh Gorgs, He wants to have fun

Oh Gorgs just wants to have

That's all he really wants
Some fun
When the working day is done
Gorgs - He wants to have fun
Oh Gorgs just wants to have fun,
He wants to have fun,
He wants to have fun

#3- Stuck In A Closet Gorgs:


I’m not entirely sure what to even say about this. That said, it is clearly amazing.

#2- Ladies Man Gorgs:


Tough life he’s got with four beautiful women on his arms. This is how it should always be for a man with the stature and presence of Gorgui.

#1- Beach Gorgs:


As if there were any doubt this would be number one. If Gorgui and Kyle aren’t best friends, I won’t know what to believe anymore.

Anyway, Beach Gorgs was a runaway lock in my mind at least. Lets hope that this top 10 (or top 13) brings not only Gorgui, but the rest of the boys some luck tonight.

Go Cards, Beat Pitt.

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