TKSTK; Clash of the Titans, Clear Channel Style...

For those who don't know, and if you don't know then you live somewhere outside of the Louisville area, two of the biggest media personalities in our City,..... nay, the State of Kentucky, are Lachlan McLean and Drew Deener (Mike's 3am phone caller). Lachlan is the host of "Sports Talk 84" and he claims to be the voice of reason/ neutrality among the Red and Blue here in the State. Drew is the host of "The Early Birds" on 790WKRD, TV play-by-play voice for Louisville football and basketball, and the sound track to my morning routine.

As I type, these two Titans of their industry (in the state of Kentucky) are probably squaring off in an alley somewhere Anchorman style. Why, you ask? Kyle Kuric

I have no idea if there was any preexisting animosity between Lachlan and Drew, but I do follow both of them on Twitter and I can tell you that it's starting to look like someone is going to get called in the principals office sooner rather than later.

Earlier this week, someone called into Drew's show and infered that Rick Pitino doesn't develope players, and cited Kyle Kuric as an example. This led to Drew "unloading" on the caller as he eluded to in a tweet later that day.........


Well, apparently "Lach" (as he is called by his fans) decided to put the Deen-Meister to the test. Mr. McLean took to his "blog" in an attempt to show(?) that Kyle Kuric had not gotten any better over the course of his career here.

I know- I know,..... hey I didn't say it, he did...... STOP YELLING AT ME!! CALM DOWN!!

Dam,.. so, the "analysis" that Lach used was based on a per minute evaluation of several statistics; and, the conclusion was, that Kyle had not gotten better, in fact, based on this metric Lach concluded that The King has gotten worse in a few areas.


"the numbers call into question exactly what about his game has developed since he became a Cardinal."

Well,... you were warned Mr McLean, you were warned. As I woke up this morning and started the coffee pot, I turned on the radio on my way to the bathroom only to hear Deener ranting about how stupid Lach's little color coated chart was and how everyone needed to go to "The Sports Pit" and look at some research he had thrown together. The results are as follows and are actually pretty funny. Highlights.....

The Miserable Career Arc Of Michael Jordan (rebuttal By Deener):

Clearly with Lachlan’s show getting pre-empted almost every night, he’s got a lot of time on his hands. So much so, that he’s come up with the worst fu$&@$$# theory of all time. Lachlan doesn’t think Kyle Kuric, by the numbers, has developed over his career, and he bases this off of one statistical basis…stats per minute.

So if you want to play this stupid fu$$@** game, lets play.

By Lach’s Logic, Michael Jordan never really developed…in fact he got worse in almost every statistical category from his rookie season to his MVP Season of 1998 when the Bulls won their 6th NBA Title. I don’t have time to come up with a color coded chart like Lachlan because my show is on every morning and every afternoon…so maybe when Lach’s next show is pre-empted (probably tonight), he can plug these numbers into his effing chart.

He then goes on to show MJ's stats based on the same metric that Lachlan used for Kuric. The results were that,.... well, I'll let Drew explain......

So as anyone who watched Michael Jordan knows, he simply never got better as a basketball player. It was so sad to watch his miserable decline in shooting from the field and free throw line. Maybe if his airness had worked a little harder in the gym, he wouldn’t have taken so many steps back in rebounding, passing, and steals. He flatlined as a scorer and the only area of improvement in his game was a 7 percent increase in his 3 point percentage (total fluke). What a waste of talent. If only Phil Jackson could have gotten out of MJ what Doug Collins did, Jordan would have been something special…maybe even gotten a shoe contract or too. If Jackson hadn’t effed everything up, Jordan might really have developed into something special.

Then,... in true "Sports Caster of the Year" fashion, Drew ends the rant with this gem.

Bite me Lachlan, now I know why everyone hates you.

I don't know, maybe no one will find this as funny as I did, but I could totally see this interaction going down between Ron Burgandy and the Sports guy from "Anchor Man." I thought it was funny, I thought everyone could use a laugh, so I decided to share. BTW, I don't think this thing is over by a long shot. I'm pretty sure it's gonna come down to a "this town isn't big enough for the two of us" moment.

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