Hear me out, but Don't blame Pitino

Did you not watch that video? Pitino is stunned. This team’s problems are way beyond him. Let’s Recap…

-Siva is named Top PG award semifinalist and now finalist (whatever it’s called)
-Chris Smith has a brother in the NBA and like most college bball players, wants to go to the NBA as well
-Kevin Ware comes in late and Pitino gives him more and more playing time each game
-Russ is russelin’ and takes minutes from Chris Smith

Siva and Smith both hope for a future in basketball outside of college and inside of the USA. Those dreams are slowly disintegrating because their minutes are being taken away by underclassmen. Both feel like they have something to prove on the court so they make dumbass mistakes that are fatal to this team.

Then to make matter’s worse, apparently Ware’s dad called for the benching on Siva on Twitter.

Russ isn’t the problem. It’s Ware.

Why Pitino puts Ware in the game when he’s clearly no where near ready to play…that’s not Pitino’s game, so there’s our “outside influence” on this team. Ware is the only freshman (besides Chane, but let’s be real, Chane is a fucking beast) who’s getting any playing time at all. I’m in the pep band and I have a front row seat (literally) to watching our players. Ware is no better than Zach or Angel who haven’t seen playing time in quite a while. He looks confused and uncomfortable with the ball. He’s too lanky to be a point guard, and I rarely see him take shots. Yet, he’s on the floor. And no one knows why…

I also haven't figured out why we play Swop so much. The Swop/Buck 4-5 combo just doesn't work. Buck can play the 5, but Chane need's to be down there with him. And why hasn't Kyle been playing the 4? We were so successful with that last year. But he just waits in his korner, and lately the ball hasn't been going his way...

Two of our team’s three Captains are pissed, and Kyle can’t save this team. This team loved each other before the season, remember Gorgui letting Bullet down the middle because “I don’t want to hurt Bullet, I love him”…where is that now. Ware joined the team the day of the Memphis game (or right before), coincidentally that’s when we started almost losing to Western and CofC…

We need to be the selfless team of old. Siva and Smith need to forget about the NBA...Chris is not J.R. and Siva is no Russell Westbrook. I don't see them being good pro prospects but that's just me.

Don’t blame Pitino, In Russ we Trust

But what these guys don't need is us bashing them. We can't stop believing in these Cardiac Cards. We're still almost the same team that we watched come back from down 17 to 8 minutes. They need us to be there for them when they get out of this funk, which they will. We have too many positive influences on this team (Kyle, Russ, Gorgui) to let the bad ones (Ware, Siva/Smith NBA hopes) take this team down. They will get past this, hopefully sooner rather than later. I believe in this team, not the easiest thing right now, but I do.

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