Pitt, Cuse to ACC, on Rutgers and UConn, ACC tv*7th Update*

Pitt and 'Cuse are in talks with the ACC according to ESPN and the NY Times.


Pitt and 'Cuse have applied to the ACC , according to ESPN's Heather Dinich.

The new news is that Pitt and 'Cuse have officially applied and that the ACC has unanimously approved increasing the cost to buyout from 10-13 million to 20 million which means... the current ACC teams ain't going no where.


Yep, it is done.

This would almost freak me out but we beat UK last night!!!!


I missed this (probably because I don't like basketball) and triviageek caught it:

The ACC's pillaging may continue with Rutgers and UConn... great.

And the new new news is that UConn is desperately seeking the ACC according to ESPN. 

I've got to say... at this point I WANT things to keep moving at this pace.  I don't want to go through next week wondering what's going to happen, I'd like to have it all worked out this week.  Towards the entire knowing what's going on thing, it's important to know that Texas Tech, Texas, Oklahoma and OK State are almost definitely in at the Pac 12

***Update on ACC tv contract***

according to Yahoo! Sports:

Swofford said adding two schools allows the league to renegotiate its 12-year, $1.86 billion television contract that began this season, “and we’re confident that will have a positive impact.”

That answers the question of why the 20 million dollar buyout matters.


***and on Rutgers***

Glad everyone was very transparent about their wheeling and dealing before the death blow:


Rutgers has not been as visible as some schools have been nationally, but Pernetti insists that plenty has been going on behind the scenes.

“The bottom line is we have been and will continue to engage in these conversations with several parties and evaluate. In the end, the answer is going to be whatever is best for us is what we’re going to do.”



So...basically, ignore everything below, I'm pretty sure my conference thoughts are useless.

***The original post which is entirely pointless other than the farfetched hope that UofL lands in the SEC***

Well, this is interesting and distracting news on Battle for the Governor's Cup day but not anything I think we can put off unnecessarily freaking out about and speculating on until Monday.

There's basically four options that I see for UofL to end up in a BCS conference if (more like when with the way discussions seem to be resolving these days) :


One, UK finally admits that they need some basketball competition in the SEC so people stop talking about how lame the SEC is at basketball and we go there to balance Texas A&M, WVU, and someone else, maybe TCU since I doubt the ACC is going to start bleeding right after getting two more members.

Two, we go to the ACC as they morph into the new Basketball super conference.

Three, the Big East remainders (minus WVU) and the Big Twelve remainders after Texas, OK, OK State and whoever the other one is they're talking about jump to the Pac-10 merge.  This is the worst option: the conference is spread all over the midwest and northeast and comprised of the dregs of realignment.

Fourth, and even less likely, we join the Big Ten.  I just don't see it happening, I don't have a defense for my belief but it seems absolutely impossible.


Of the four, option three is by far the most likely, and I doubt we'd be an AQ conference for long.

The second most likely is the first,  I know that seems odd but geographically it's the best fit and more profitable for UK than they realize.... we sell out our allotment of tickets, we pack our home basketball games and we'll fill up our road games for BBall more often than not: Tennessee, Vandy, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama... plus I doubt we'd have that much trouble finding people who'd take Florida games as an excuse to escape winter.

The third is the ACC, but we aren't a great geographic fit: they range up and down the east coast. They might want us for basketball, but then again with Duke and UNC and ripping away Pitt and 'Cuse they've pretty much passed the Big East anyway.

The only way I see us going to the Big Ten is if Notre Dame decides to go in.  I don't think we'd be a package deal, but Notre Dame plays the Big Ten more than any other conference it seems and I don't think the Big Ten'll expand unless they get ND in first.  I'm not sure how they'd feel about us academically though, I know that that is a priority for them.


My depressing thoughts (and I'm generally overly optimistic, for example I foresee us winning out the football season):


We don't end up in a AQ conference.

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