Why I Hate UK Fan

Here's the backdrop.  A couple of weeks ago I was eating dinner at a Middletown restaurant with my two young daughters.  The restaurant was full of people and we took the only table left between two families.  It was "Kids Eat Free" night and I think everyone in Louisville chose to indulge.  Unbeknown to me, I happened to park myself right between two UK fans.

I'm sitting there eating my French Dip when they breakout in conversation concerning this year's UK football team.  Now, keep in mind, I'm wearing my Louisville Orange Bowl shirt and red Cardinal golf hat and these guys have to talk OVER my table in order to have this conversation.  It goes something like this:


UK Fan #1:  "I think UK will be better offensively because they don't have Cobb"

UK Fan #2:  "You are so right.  He costs us at least 2 wins last year"

The conversation continues with random opinions and crazy predictions when the conversation switches to "Super Conferences".   

UK Fan #1:  "I think Cal is right on the money.  College sports would be so much better with 4 superconferences".

UK Fan #2:  "What's going to be funny is when Louisville doesn't get invited because their athletics are so mediocre"

UK Fan #1:  "Yeah, I can't wait to see the look on those Loserville fans when they are stuck playing in Conference USA again"

UK Fan #2:  "Exactly, how can they be invited to one of these conferences.  It's all about TV markets and Louisville doesn't have the market that a Memphis, Houston, S. Florida or even a BYU.  Not to mention, they basketball is only so-so and their football team stinks now."

UK Fan #1:  "Yeah, what I think is funny is that Louisville fans think they anyone cares about Louisville outside of the Gene Snyder Freeway"

UK Fan #2:  "Exactly.  They think they are something special when in reality, they are nothing more than a glorified mid-major school.  Besides, their academics don't stack up to the ACC, Big 10, or the SEC.  No one is going to want them."

I was fully prepared to keep my mouth shut during this entire conversation, but keep in mind, I'm wearing a Louisville t-shirt and hat and they are talking right over me.  I'm naturally offended and start breaking out cold hard facts about Louisville's perceived mediocrity and state of affairs in regards to conference realignment.

Me to UK Fan #1:  "So, you lost all credibility to me when you stated that a 2nd round pick in the NFL hurt your team last year more than it help it.  2nd, in terms of  your proposed mediocrity I'd like to state since 2005 Louisville athletics has a Final 4, a BCS bowl win, a national runner up in women's basketball and men's soccer, a College World Series appearance, and more conference championships than I can count"

UK Fan #1:  "Uhhhhh....well.....errrrr....well, what are they going to do when these conferences expand and the Big East doesn't exist anymore?"

Me to UK Fan #1:  "Tell you what.  Here's my email address.  I bet 10 to 1 for $100 that when all this conference realignment shakes out, Louisville will be part of it"

UK Fan #2:  "It's all about money and football.  Louisville doesn't have the program or TV market that these conferences want."

Me to UK Fan #2:  "Your right, it is all about money.  Tell me how the school with the 21st ranked athletic revenue gets left out when there will be 64 teams invited?"

UK Fan #2:  "Err....well, because Louisville doesn't have a big enough TV market"

Me to UK Fan #2:  "Oh, and Oklahoma City does?  Lexington, Columbia (SC), Morgantown (WV).....I could go on?"

From there, I cleaned up my daughters, walked out the door and watched UK fan #1 and #2 drive off with their 3 foot by 3 foot UK magnents glued to their car.  

MY OH MY........I hate UK fan.

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