OK, before you begin can you please try not to bash me on this. IE: incorrect grammar, improper usage of words ETC. Or even bashing me for my fan hood about Louisville.


Sitting there watching that game tonight at a bar with my dad(don't flip out I was his DD) with ESPN on playing around the whole loaded bar with nothing full of ready ASU fans. I was the only one in there sporting different team colors. I had my Louisville hat on and sporting it loud.

I liked moments like these in a place full of other college fans here (mostly UofA and ASU) and sporting an out of state team. Every ones attention was on the game being it was the only sport on national TV.

Once again, I LIKE (D) these moments before tonight. The way that Florida International Tech A&M College for the Deaf and Blind kicked our ass, every time I got up I was looked at crazy. I felt for the first time in my life absolutely embarrassed.

There is no way that FIU should have even scored that game, what happened to this "Train" we were supposed to hop on according to Vance Bedford. OK, I am not going to bash or D because we did pretty good, in the second half.

You guys both as fans and realist have to admit we absolutely SUCKED. You cannot say that anything good came out of this last game, nothing did. I have been reading some comments in the last hour talking about how we beat them by the numbers and how well our D did in the second half, NONE OF THAT MATTERS.

Two consecutive 3rd down passes to the same receiver for his SECOND catch of the game, for his SECOND TOUCHDOWN of the game for 157 yards that first half is pathetic. I do not want to hear the cliché 'Oh well TY Hilton is a real good receiver and we had no way of stopping him,' because we did.

Notice on TY's first and second TD that no one bothered to jam him or even try to knock him off rout or throw off timing. Even with two Safeties’ on him his second TD he still burnt us.

As for the offence, I have no idea whether to blame Stein or not, due to the fact he threw like 5 times. OK, I’m exaggerating but to our defense it’s kind of hard to win a game when all your offensive coordinators game plan is simply:

Run, run, and pass. Run, run, and pass. Pass, get in shotgun and run, stay in shotgun in run etc.

Oh and especially the brilliant 46 sweep we called on 4th and 1. (Claps hands)

Who cares if we had more yards, who cares about the numbers. That’s like me going to the club and getting 12 girls numbers and never getting a call back from any of them! So who cares if Stein had a career game, stop praising him alright. He isn't even tall enough to look over the line compared to a more athletic and alot more taller Teddy Bear, who for some reason only gets one series a game.

I don’t like the fact that Teddy Bear only gets one drive a game and just because he doesn’t turn into Michael Vick on that one possession he gets he is quickly replaced by Stein.

Although when Stein did throw it, it looked pretty good, actually really good. I liked when we did play action and Stein had ALL DAY to throw.

SIDENOTE QUESTION? Was it just me or did every time you saw Stein take off on a QB run it was in traffic, but when he had all kinds of time to run he never did?

I digress; getting weird looks from every other fan in there made me feel embarrassed. I knew we were going to lose a few games and I’m sure no one expected, or had the slightest thought that one of those would be FIU.

I sat and watched one hell of a game against unranked ASU face a #21 ranked Mizzou live on ESPN, ASU held a Blackout and the stadium was LIVE. I miss those days with Louisville and ever since Krag got his hands on the program, I honestly don’t think we will be seeing that Louisville again for a long time.

As for our next game; it doesn’t even look a hint bright against an SEC team, I have some faith, just not enough.


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