The Time I Got Kicked Out Of PJCS

Okay, I had a fantastic time in Louisville this past month andI have arrived back in my native Tucson Arizona :(. The hot weather lightened up I heard with rain the day after I left, the good man up above was crying because of my departure last week lol. Any who guys, I have a funny story.

Tuesday, July 26thin hopes to have a great day with my dad and brother downtown to see the Muhammad Ali Center for the first time, go by the YUM! Center and go by the PJCS to see the Johnny U statue and museum, I woke up extra early with a good feeling.

I was finally going to see my hero Ali dedicated center, possibly meet a player at any of the stadiums. I throw on my Louisville shorts, with my Louisville Basketball shirt and Louisville snap back hat(yeah they are back in style baby) and headed off to the Ali Center. Just because I can, here are some pictures.




After the Ali Center we tried to head down to 2nd street to see the YUM! Center (In all my 21 days of being in Louisville to that point I have wanted to walk into the arena because I was told you could but apparently you can't) So we tried our luck but some event was going on so we had to ditch that.

So we proceeded to Papa John's Cardinal Stadium fingers crossed. We arrive there with the gates open and plenty of cars there, little did we know that off-season CONDITIONING was going on. So we arrive welcomed by a big LOUISVILLE sign.



So instead of walking through the front doors of the Museum we decided to go through the open gate up to the stadium and go down the stairs only to see the whole team practicing. In awe of our team we continue on(not harming anyone or speaking to anyone) walk up to the Johnny U statue in hopes to get our picture taken by it.

We walk by what seems to be an assistant coach or athletic trainer and he greets us with hello, not even a minute later he walks back saying that he "means no disrespect, but you guys got to leave, this is a closed practice. Players did not have pads on they were doing running drills, thus they were conditioning.

So here is how the convo went.

Mean guy: "You guys have to leave, NOW,"

Me: "Cann I take at least one picture of the statue,"

MG: "UGHHHHHH, fine, just one,"

M: "I am sorry sir i'm from Arizona visiting and I am a huge Louisville fan, I had no idea this was a closed practice,"

MG: "Sure.....,"

M: "I actually got to meet Deon Rogers the other week at the mall, that was pretty cool,"

MG: "Ok,"

(Picture taken)

MG: (grabs my arm) "You guys got to leave,"

M: "Get off of me,"

MG: "Sir please don't touch me, I will have to call campus authorities"

M: "Ohhhhhh noooo, not campus rent a cops, I am so scared of those "police", have agood day"

(walks away)

I did get to see Teddy Bridgewater take snaps and saw my boy Deon Rogers working on line backer drills. I admit it was cool seeing that.

Even though, I kind of did break into a closed practice and we could of gotten into trouble, what harm could we have done. An 18 year old kid, a 12 year old boy and a 40 year old man decked out in all Louisville, SOMEONE RUN WERE GOING TO DESTROY THE PLACE!

Any how that Saturday I finally went into the YUM! Center to see WWE, the first place I went when I walked in was the Hall of Honor.

So I guess it workedd out after all.



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