Bloggin' Rick Pitino back with another update

This week, Bloggin' Rick gives us a brief individual update on each one of the Cards and then previews both Cincinnati and Marquette.

Of special note is the fact that Kevin Ware has still not been cleared to play. At this point, you have to wonder if this has anything to do with the NCAA's ongoing investigation into UCF. Ware was mentioned by name in the Orlando Sentinel's story regarding the matter last week.

The news is better for fellow freshman Wayne Blackshear, whom Pitino is says is still a few weeks a way from being able to compete, but should be good to go once practice begins on Oct. 14.

Here are the rest of BR's player evaluations:

Gorgui Dieng- is a quick learner, good foot work and is getting stronger each week.

VT- Needs to become an enforcer on this team.  Play with reckless abandonment.  If he does that, he will help us win. He can make great strides this year.

Zach Price - Hard worker and eager to learn. Being a lefty is an advantage for a big man.  His future is bright.

Chane Behanan- He is flat out gifted.  Hard worker with natural talent. It’s all about the fundamentals with him.

Richard had a private work out with Mark Jackson and Wayne Blackshear. It will take Wayne a few weeks before he can compete. He has been inactive for 5 months but should be ready to go by October 14th.

Small Guards:

Peyton Siva - speed merchant keeps improving.  Top 3 attitudes I have ever coached along with tremendous leadership skills.  Improved jump shot.  Balance is also the key with him.

Bullet -  Efficient offensive player. Does everything but defend. He must get tougher stopping penetration.

Tim Henderson - Very good attitude who has to improve his shooting.  We are working on developing a consistent jumper.  His shot is sometimes flat.

Russ Smith - Not a great individual workout player. Foot work and balance needs improvement.  He has made a big turnaround since moving to the two guard.


Kyle Kuric - The king is consistent and hard working.  Has improved his handles.  Smart, tough, and versatile .

Luke Hancock - Going to be terrific in our system. Triple threat offensive player. This year sitting out will be great for him.  Just love his potential.

Mike Marra - Working hard on his one-on-one moves.  Lack of balance is his enemy.  Sways left on his jump shot.  Great person who is working extremely hard.

Jared Swopshire - Had his first individual in over a year. His toughest road block will be mentally overcoming his injury. Will be ready by October 14th.  We need him.

Chris Smith - Hard worker who has to fill in for Preston as a defensive stopper. We are working on his passing skills as he may need to play some back up point.

Angel Nunez - The similarities to Francisco Garcia are striking. He doesn’t have Cisco’s affable personality yet but we will give it time. Potential is what he is all about. Maybe not strong enough especially on defense to contribute this year but his future is extremely bright. Smooth stroke and good rebounder. Can play multiple positions.

Kevin Ware- Still has not been cleared to play.

We've gone from "Elisha Justice" to "The Bullet" to "Bullet." I'm already looking forward to the "Bull" era.

Also, good to hear Pitino's take on Swop. Oh yeah, definitely.

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