Louisville and Conference Realignment... Again

Lots of new over the past few days with Texas A&M basically being gone to the SEC.

The Aggies are the big domino, and all signs are to it falling, and having a 2010 like chain reaction. One of the big questions for Louisville fans is simply, "Where are we going to end up?" Here is what each conference brings to the table.

The Fool's Gold Conference: The Big XII

First and foremost, this isn't going to happen. Tom Jurich has already basically shot it down before an invitation came. The Texas Longhornsconference has a lot of perks- playing a much better conference schedule, not a horrible basketball drop-off, more $$$,etc. What does matter is all of the uncertainty surrounding the Big Twelve. Oklahoma could pack up and go with A&M. Texas could realize its dream and go independent. Missouri and their constant begging could get them into the B1G. Way too unstable at the moment.

The Dollar Signs in TJ's Eyes Conference: The SEC

Longshot, but it is still a very realistic possibility. Louisville's basketball program makes so much money that they could probably outgain a lot of SEC schools in total revenue. The TV contract is about FIVE times what the Big East's contract pays. From a fan standpoint, if this does happen, you can pretty much say we've mortgaged out football's future at least five years. Another reward may be keeping Charlie Strong longer. Why go to an SEC school when you're already at one? Why make a lateral move when Louisville will be able to pay you as much as if not more than Alabama, or Florida, or Georgia. If he does build something decent in the SEC, he'd be here to stay for a long time. Plus, we would be able to see Florida, and Alabama, and LSU in the Oven every year! From a basketball standpoint, the SEC gives us a few things.

  • Two UK games a year.
  • A much easier path to a one seed.
  • A conference that we will compete in year in and year out.

So in all... not much. I'm not even sure that I like all of those perks... Oh well, on to the next conference.

UPDATE: Louisvillle is reportedly NOT one of the three teams the SEC is targeting. Mizzou has stated that it is going nowhere, and FSU has said the same. We shall see if they keep their word. Clemson is the third team. It appears very unlikely that Louisville will be invited to the SEC.

UPDATE: There are reports saying that A&M may NOT be a done deal to the SEC. There is a thirty to forty percent chance that the presidents will not approve Texas A&M and nothing will happen at all.

UPDATE: It appears for now that Clemson and Mizzou are staying put. Kentucky will not block Louisville if they were to join the SEC. For now, this is a longshot, but if the SEC goes to 16, then Louisville is at the top of their list.

The What was the Point in Making this Move Conference: The ACC

Now this door will be open. I'll say it now. If we don't get invited to the SEC, the ACC is definitely a landing spot. There have some rumors about Florida St. and Clemson ( 0.o) possibly leaving for the SEC. FSU could be blocked. I have no idea why the Southeastern Conference would want anything to do with a mediocre team who has a decent sized stadium who does nothing year in and year out, but hey, be my guest. Anyway, the only reason that Turtleneck Tom would make this move is because he wants slightly more money NOW. The BEast is renegotiating their deal in about a year or two. If you want to talk about the actual game, then this is basically everything that the Big East conference offers. One or two "powerhouse" ( and I use the term VERY loosely) schools in FSU (overrated) and Va Tech. Rumor is FSU wants in to the SEC, but at the time it is just a report, so anything can happen. As far as I am concerned, I would be thoroughly unimpressed by this move, just because we just went into a worse basketball league, about the exact same football league, fot about the exact same amount of moola, cashola, dough, whatever you want to call it.

UPDATE: No one is sure if FSU or Clemson will go to the SEC. If one does, this door will be open. FSU has stated that it may not be going to the SEC (stressing MAY).

The Right Move: The Big East

We just have a good fit here. We play the best basketball competition every week, and have enough mediocrity in the football program as it is so that it can progress.

Sure, there isn't as much money here, but Louisville wants the Big East, and the Big East wants Louisville.

SUPER IMPORTANT EPIC UPDATE: The SEC will not offer A&M an invite. Much like 2010, this was all for nothing.

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