My Adventure In Louisville, so far!

I arrived after a two year absence from Louisville this last Tuesday and boy I love it here so much it still feels like a dream.

After I touched down at the airport, I saw the great sign as I was leaving the terminal. A sign that read "Welcome to Louisville." How amazing right? It was a perfect start to a perfect trip, so far.

Now that I am in Louisville, my first mission was to go check out our multi-million dollar YUM! Center. The last time I was down back in 09' it was in the process of being built about 25% done, now its looks AMAZING!

Walking up to the arena was breathtaking, this place is huge. It sucks that since I got in at 7 o'clock the Cardinal Athletic Store was already closed and the inside museum was closed as well, but I plan to go in there and take pictures before I leave next month.

Looking at this building gave me chills, I could only imagine how loud this place was during the Marquette game, during Peyton Siva's adorable game winner against West Virginia and especially Preston's Senior Night that included Gorgui Dieng's block on Bryce Cotton aka "The block heard around the chronicle"




We then walked down the street to world's famous White Castle, boy how I missed those sliders.

I then took a trip down to Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium and saw the new expansion to the stadium, and it looked great as well.

Right out infront of the stadium read a huge banner "Cardinal Strong"


The next day my UK cousin Billy took me down to UofL campus in hopes of me meeting a player. He pulled up in front of Billy Minardi Hall where he said all the players on campus stay. I asked if I could walk in and he said 'GO AHEAD", surprisingly the doors were open.

I walk in and notice alot of pictures dedicated to previous UofL coaches and I felt in heaven until some dude in the lobby asked if I knew anyone there and kicked me out, well wouldn't you know as soon as I leave I look behind me and I could of swore I saw Rakeem Buckles leaving out the back door.

I got back into my cousins car disappointed,I really have never met a Louisville player besides a quick meet and greet with out 2007 Orange Bowl team. Wonder what would of happened if I told the dude at Billy Minardi Hall I was a future recruit or said 'Yah, can you bring my friend Peyton Down?' lol

The very next day my dad took me to JMall and I got me some Louisville stuff, as we were eating he leaves to go back to Kentucky Korner, he comes back a minute later:

"DUDE, i just saw Victor Anderson walking," I drop all of my stuff and take off after and see two gigantic dudes decked out in Louisville gear with their numbers on the back at a Jewelry kiosk. One was #43 Deon Rogers. I was excited/nervous but I swallowed my fear and wen up to this man and told him that I rep Louisville all the way in Arizona and he felt proud about it. I told him he was a beast and he just laughed and thanked me, his handshake nearly broke my hand.



He was with this other guy maybe an assistant coach or just a look after guy and another football player #5. At this point I am thinking, that is freaking Teddy Bridgewater, but just by the looks of him it wasn't Teddy. He was also tall and had dreads which Teddy lacks. I went up to him and asked for conformation and he said It was his locker number he was wearing, who could that be? Any who, we parted ways with a big L and a 'Cardinal Strong' line I pitched bidding good luck to those men.

Ok guys, since I am sure that most of you are more knowledgeable about the city and it's events, tell me what types of Cardinal memorials should I visit, what places to go, or best places to meet a player. Any news on upcoming meet and greets?

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