My Top 25 for Next Season

I am in the middle of finals week here at WKU and needed something to get my mind a mental break for a little bit.  Since we know everyone that is in or out of the NBA Draft, it is easier to decide on a definite top 25.  Let me know what you think.

1.  North Carolina, loaded at every position and a definite preseason #1

2.  Kentucky (UGH!!!), pains me to say it guys ( think I just threw up a little bit) but UK will pretty legit next year and maybe just maybe, fun to watch.  They will be young but will have a solid 7 man rotation with the return of Terrance Jones.

3.  Ohio State, they will be good, but I doubt they will look as dominant as they did last season, Sully in the middle is the best center in the country

4. Louisville, I am putting us above Syracuse based purely off the fact that we have beaten them 7(?) times in a row and will probably be the better team head to head, TJ's departure will sting, but with Dieng ready to step up, it doesn't worry me

5.  Syracuse, they return everyone except the man in the middle Jackson, and add a great class on top of it, legit Big East/Final 4 Contender

6.  Duke, Austin Rivers and Co are here for the show, should be fun to watch

7.  Vanderbilt, this is weird saying that Vandy will be a top 10 preseason, but hey they have 3 guys that could be legit 1st round draft picks in 2012

8.  UCONN, many don't realize how young this team is, and they will struggle early with the departure of Kemba Walker, but they will be back on track by conference play

9.  Pitt, with Ashton Gibbs pulling his head out his A$$, look for Pitt to once again be in the upper-echelon of the Big East

10.  Memphis, wish we could resume this series, but I digress, this team is another young one that virtually returns everyone.

11.  Baylor, I believe they are gonna be the most athletic team in the Big 12 next season

12.  Wisconsin, the old-faithful of college bball, they are always up there

13.  Florida, Billy Donovan returns some good kids

14.  Arizona, there is a reason why Sean Miller is staying in the desert... he owns the west right now

15.  Xavier, Tu Holloway is back, meaning that this squad will be dangerous

16.  Cincinnati, solid lineup next season, probably won't be on the bubble

17.  Marquette, this program is a consistent plugger as well, they play hard, and have almost everybody back

18.  Missouri, Mike Anderson left behind a good team in Colombia, the question is what can Frank Haith do with them

19.  Alabama, a team that really came on in conference play last year, they won't suffer from bad non conference losses this year

20.  Texas A&M, Khris Middleton is a beast

21.  Kansas, Bill Self will have a decent team, but this year they won't be as loaded as years past.  Until proven otherwise though, the Big 12 runs through Lawrence.

22.  UCLA, will be solid again and may suprise a few teams

23.  Georgetown, JT3 got Hollis Thompson back

24.  Michigan, they will be very good next season, but could have been top 15 if Darius Morris had come back

25.  George Mason, returned everyone from the team, and I would have ranked them higher if their coach didn't leave for Miami (who?)

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