What's wrong with Nike?

I really would like to know, because It seems like people on this site do not like Nike.

Look guys I am a teen, I am still in High School, I know the fashion.

SIDE-NOTE: I NO LONGER WEAR JORTS!!!!!!!! Cargos, Camo Shorts, Basketball shorts(NIKE)


We are sponsored by Adidas, and I don't know that much about the rules of school sponsorships but to my knowledge if Peyton Siva were to wear Nike to a game or wear a Nike headband he would be kicked off the team or serve a punishment.(feel free to school me on the rules) Or he can keep all of the gear such as shoes, arm sleeves and compression shirts that he receives FREE from Adidas.

These new up and coming recruits trust me want to look fly and want to look "HIP" and Fresh, and unfortunately I dont see anyone who tried to dress fresh with Adidas.

They are high school kids, they want to show off they want to look good trust me I KNOW. You see kids dressing like this......




These kids (just my age) buy material clothing and gear now, not the basics, they buy the name, not the performance. 

For example: If you hang around with the popular crowd like me(and I'm sure they do since they are star athletes) they will try and one-up each others swagg and have something to brag about, and you don't try and up someones style wearing Adidas shoes.

These kids will worry about the little things I.E if one has a picture of him crossing someone or dunking on someone, they will definitely look at their attire. They will say things like:

"Those are some hot Nike V2's on," and that sounds alot better than "Why are you wearing those Adidas Crazy 8s?."

The point is that in recruiting you have to know how to get the best.

Why do you think so many great kids go to UNC,why does UNC seem to stack up with nothing but High School All Americans every year? They have as equal collegiate tradition as UofL besides Basketball at UNC every other sport sucks balls. They go there because the great Michael Jordan attended there plus they get free JORDAN BRAND stuff.

Duke is also a Nike school, as is Memphis and as of late Kentucky and Arizona have had top tier recruits.

Clothing is an overlooked thing when it comes to recruiting a teenager. Granted it is not the biggest thing or most important thing.

If a coach were to recruit a player coming out of high school and use the pitch:

"We are also sponsored by Adidas so you get a bunch or free gear from them," against a coach that says "We are a Nike (or Jordan) school that means free Nike gear goes to you my man,'

Think about it?

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