Where Were You! PART 1. The Good


I give a few good and bad events that link to Louisville Cardinal history, and you answer where you were at at that point and time the event occurred! Easy right, how much of a fan are you?

Sorry i felt the need to integrate SAW into this.


March 24, 1980: Louisville defeats UCLA for their first National Championship


Where were you?

ME: I am excused from all events before my conscious memory! But assume I was alive I would probably be clutching a pillow in a dark room BY MYSELF throughout the duration of the game, and probably would of ran around the neighborhood screaming after the game.

March 31, 1986: Louisvile wins their second title in the CrumEra withthe help of freshman sensation Pervis Ellison in rout of the Blue Devils of Duke.


(My dad and Ellison)

Where were you?

ME: See first explanation.

March 21,2001: Former New York Knicks, Kentucky Wildcats, Boston Celtics coach Rick Pitino hired to Louisville.


ME: I remember I was hearing my step-dad talk about how he was furious at it(uk fan) 

Memphis Washington going down in flames I didn't understand why, I WAS ONLY A KID. But once I understood that he formerly coached UK, then I got it.

March 12, 2005: Louisville punches their ticket into the Tournament with a heart attack win over C-USA Rivals Memphis Tigers and John Cali-PAY-ME. I don't need a picture I;m sure you guys remember this.....


March 26, 2005: The second act of Rick Pitino's "New Deal," The Louisville Cardinals make their first Final Four since 86'.


Where were you?

ME: I remember I was watching this and about a few minutes left in the 4th I said "SCREW IT WE LOST," and turned it on the music channel and find myself listening to 'BANG YOUR HEAD' by Quiet Riot. And as the beat started to kick in I WAS FEELING it, so I turn it back on the game and we just scored and stole the ball andmade it again. I turn it back to the music and the first verse was going on and I AM STILL FEELING IT. So I turn back to the game and see we are TIED and about that time I turn it back to Quiet Riot yelling BANG YOUR HEAAAAAD!!!! ... NOW I'M PUMPED! Turn it back and see Larry O'Bannonmake a layup with 38 seconds left to help force overtime. We force the game into OT where we cruise to beat West Virginia


God I hate this guy!

January 2, 2007: Louisville advances to their first ever BCS Bowl to face ACC Champions Wake Forrest. Louisville helps wrap up a near(UGH) perfect season that hey expected. The Cardinals defeated the Deacons 24-13.



Where were you?

ME: The avoidthe nervous breakdown that I'm sure I would suffer, I went out with a few friends and played Ding Dong Ditch on this cold night. About around 8 O'clock I was starting to get nervous then called my step dad to see who's winning, he replied "IDKif you want to know you should be here," so much for avoiding the breakdown, so I called my girlfriend and asked her to switch it too the game and she told me the white team was winning with four minutes left, so I rushed home in time to see Petrino get covered in Gatorade. GOOD NIGHT!

January 4, 2009:The 18 ranked Louisville Cardinals who looked to finish off in-state rival Kentucky for the second straight year, looked GOD AWFUL the final two minutes of the game. They helped UK get some confidence by coming back in the 28 seconds left in the game.


Where were you?

ME: I was switching back and fourth between this and the Vikings Eagles Wild Card game. I remember laying on the couch as Jodie Meekshit two free throws to tie the game at 71. I saw Edgar Sosa bring the ball up the court PRAYING he wouldn't take the final shot, as if my wish not coming true was bad enough, Sosa took the shot with 6 seconds remaining.... YES, he nailed it, I turn it back on the Vikes game to see Adrian Peterson run for a touchdown. Pretty good sequence of events.

March 14, 2009:Louisville wins their first Big East Championship defeating Syracuse. Louisville deserved it more than any team and exceeded pre-season hype. Earl Clark showed out with a double double 13 points 10 rebounds. Terrence Williams had 11 points 6 assist and 7 rebound and tied a tournament record with 7 steals. And for the second straight game overcame a halftime deficit with excellent second half three point shooting.


Where were you?

ME: I was watching it with my step dad and my friend Joey. I remember thinking that lightning can't strike twice and we wouldn't make up the deficit. But we got on a major roll and I remember jogging around my van outside after we won.


 December 9, 2009: Former Florida defensive coach Charlie Strong is hired.


Where were you?

ME: On ESPN.COM and saw that "Louisville coach Kragthorpe fired after three seasons" I have never been so happy as a CARD fan in a long time until that news.

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