I've had about enough!!!!

This is coming from a 17 year old about to be 18(JUNE 4th) listening to No Scrubs by TLC, but I'm not that crazy right now!!!!

I just looked on CC about 10 minutes ago to see that NC State transfer Ryan Harrow is going to Kentucky, Now I HAVE HAD IT.

Like I said earlier in a post, us Louisville fans are humble and that is something that UK fans lack, but enough is enough with losing these recruiting battles to Calipari.

Michael Chandler, lets be honest we were EXCITED to have him a few years ago then he chose to de committ.

Then Teague came along LOVED Louisville, then somehow chose Kentucky and now we hate him.

Then the famous Rodney Purvis( Icant blame us on this one because we all had that thought that It was too good to be true) LOVED Louisville on Twitter, committed to us, then out of nowhere DE COMMITTED. Word is that UK is high on his list. He is great friends with John Wall. This scares me.

THEN TONY WOODS a criminal who we were dying to have, he then switches and now we hate him and say"we didn't want a criminal anyways"

Now THIS RYAN HARROW chooses UK over us. I am really pissed off at this recruiting shit.

We can all hang our hats on this great class we have coming in and the great returning players coming in and right now its FINAL FOUR OR BUST for us.

For the next 5 years (or whenever Calipari leaves UK) we will have way more experience than them but honestly experience is the most overrated thing in sports. UK's freshman class has proved that against our experienced squad the last two years.

If it's not one thing it's another, whether we are losing recruits to Cal or they are just dropping like flys, something needs to change.

Look guys Rick Pitino has to get his shit in gear, I really think he has lost the mojo, and sad to say I agree with everyone, Calipari has taken over the state of Kentucky.

Badger me all you want friends but I am a realist, you can't escape the inevitable. Let's here what you guys have to say!

BTW I AM COMING TO LOUISVILLE FOR A 1 MONTH VACATION JULY 5th, unless you guys are Pedophiles Maybe we can hang out hahah!

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