My Rant on Everything Current at The Chron

This has been a pretty active week on CC with a lot of different topics and controversies arising. Being the opinionated person I am, I want to discuss all these but my thoughts have been getting jumbled across threads. This is my chance to organize these thoughts and address some things that have been bothering me lately.

Warning: If you are easily offended or extremely stubborn don't read this post. Some of what I'm about to say may rub you the wrong way. This is not a personal attack on anyone so please don't attack me back on a personal level. But please, feel free to discuss because that's the point of this.

  1. UCF - This has been a huge topic around here for about the past year when they landed a few of "our" highest football recruits last year and are again at it this year with Ware, D.Smith, etc. They have recently been in the news with the "bet" one UCF fan made. We attacked him pretty harshly and were in return attacked back. My question is, is he really that way off? (Not taking into consideration that they may be hit with sanctions of who knows how strong) Yes to bet that large sum of money on something like this is crazy, but if he is a patient man it may pay off eventually. Think about all they have going for them. Campus, facilities, recruits, the hot name, location. Why is it so crazy to think that they are the next big thing? Many of you forget that we were in their position not that long ago. I just don't know why we all thought it was such an absurd thought. Just look at us, Boise, TCU, Oregon, UConn, and many other teams. You would have been laughed off the planet if you had mentioned 20 years ago that any of these teams would be in major bowls games and competing for a national title. Just remember that a lifetime is a long time for something to happen. 
  2. Recruiting - This may be the hottest topic around here whether many of you want to admit it or not. My question is, why do we get so upset and personally offended when these young kids don't side with us? Personally, I love following recruiting. I find it very entertaining and interesting. But I do not get upset when things don't go our way. I look to the positives and where we go from there. It's not always the end of the world when we don't get a recruit. We don't get Purvis, Ware, or Harrow (the big names this month)? Oh well, we'll get someone else or things will work out. At one time we were expecting Michael Chandler, and Marquis Teague to be with us next year. We replaced them with Wayne Blackshear and Chane Behanan. Not bad IMO. I still feel that 2012 will be a solid top ten class with at least one MCD AA. Pretty good in my book.
  3. UK - This is the one that is going to offend the most of you. Is it so hard to give them credit every once and a while? Trust me, I LOATHE UK. Everything about them. If UL loses my day will be bad, but it will only be worse if UK wins. I can't stand them or their fans or anything to do with them. But with that said, they are in a pretty good situation in BB right now. Say what you want about Cal being dirty, but as the saying goes, he is innocent until proven guilty. It just makes us look childish whenever we blame his success on cheating. He honestly could just be a good salesman. That's how some people are. Plus he has everything going for him. Tradition, recent success, NBA, past personal success (two "Final Fours"). Personally, as a 19 year old, I would love to be contacted by him if I was an unbiased 5* PG. If, and in my opinion when, Harrow and Purvis sign with UK, how can I be surprised? All past and current events in recruiting point to that happening. I mentioned this on another thread but it makes perfect sense for Harrow to go there.  Who has more of a chance at going pro after next season, Siva or Teague? History would indicate that Teague is a 1 and done PG. Siva very well could leave too but I think Teague has a better chance at leaving. Also, 2012 is a very weak PG class. There are no elite PG in that class but a lot of big men and combo guards (Purvis, DSR, etc). With this he would most likely have the edge over any incoming PG since he would A) already have been a 5* recruit B) had a year in the system C) had a year against ACC competition. Plus, if he is like most college players these days he only cares about one thing, getting to the NBA. And whether you like it or not, Calipari players have the reputation of doing this. Same goes for Purvis. I just have this gut feeling about him. I also think they are going to be scary good next year. Them and UNC will be close to unbeatable. 
  4. Our Place In The World - This may also offend some of you but I want someone to explain to me how we are a top 10 national power. We talk about our expectations and how recruits should want to come here, but why? Yes I know we had success and were huge in the 80's (before my time as I'm only 19), but I know hardly anything about that besides the stories I've heard from my dad and elsewhere. How are recruits my age suposed to know this? We have had some recent success this decade under Pitino but so has UK, UNC, Duke, UCLA, LSU, MSU, Butler, Kansas, Florida, Texas, UConn, Syracuse and Ohio St. We have to compete with this and other teams as well. I'm not bashing UL but I think some people have created this illusion that we are the best of the best. Honestly, I think we are second tier major program right now. Of all those teams listed I would put UK, UNC, Duke, Kansas, UConn, Ohio St. and MSU ahead of us as far as current prestige is concerned. That's a lot to deal with. 
  5. Next Year - I see our prospects being very promising but it won't be out of the ordinary for us. We will have one or two head scratching losses, a few games that are closer than they should be, a huge duel with UK where anything could happen (from a win by us to a 20 point loss), great BE wins, losses to a few strong BE teams. I see us finishing with around 5-7 losses, top four BE tourney seed, and a 2-3 NCAA seed. I see another EE run with us being matched up against a very good 1 seed (UNC or Ohio St). Personally, I would be very upset by this given the potential but then I would get over it and realize we had a good season (could be a very similar season to '08).

What I am getting at is that I just think some of us should open our eyes some times and stop being so biased. It makes you look bad personally and our fan base look bad as a whole. We need to look at things from the other side every once and a while and be a little more realistic. 

If you have made it this far through my rant, please, respond with your opinion. I would love to see another side of these topics and maybe be swayed. I am always up for a healthy discussion.

P.S. - A little background on me may help you see where I'm coming from. I'm 19. have lived in the Louisville area my whole life. Dad was born and raised in Louisville and is a lifelong Louisville fan. I am a lifer as well but really started following during the '05 FF run (I was only 13 at the time and very impressionable). Have been an avid follower ever since and consider myself a very true, die-hard UL football and basketball (much more basketball though as it is my favorite sport).

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