Amatuer Athletes Kenneth Caldwell Follows on Twitter

I am officially fascinated by the Caldwell/Bender saga.

It is perfect timing, as I received my ESPN the Magazine yesterday reviewing the 'Most Corrupt Year in College Athletics.'

My gut feeling is that there is a Master Shredder in all of this and Caldwell and Bender are simply BeBop and Rock Steady. I had some time to kill and wanted to do some investigative work.

Here are the amateur athletes Ken Caldwell follows on twitter. Seeing as there are thousands of NCAA-D1 players, it is interesting that there are the 20 or so he has taken particular interest in:

(In no particular order)

  • Braeden Anderson - Kansas
    • Canadian athlete hosted by Bender in Louisville.
  • Robert Goff - Marshall
    • JUCO who made last minute commitment change from Oklahoma to Marshall
  • Twany Beckham - Kentucky (walk-on)
    • Transfer from Mississippi St. to UK. Ballard grad.
  • Kevin Ware - Where?
    • Has been documented
  • Tristan Spurlock -  UCF
    • Highly rated recruit who transfered from UVA to UCF
  • DeMarcus Smith - TBD (only football player he follows)
    • Has been documented
  • Erik Murphy - Florida
    • Arrested for burglary
  • Quincy Miller - Baylor
    • Has been documented
  • Keith Clanton - UCF
  • Khem Birch - Pittsburgh
    • Transferred from Montreal, Canada to Notre Dame Prep.
  • Angel Nunez - Louisville
    • played for 2 different prep schools. Including Notre Dame Prep
  • Dion Dixon - Cincinnati
    • From Chicago Area
  • Stan Simpson - Memphis
    • (Top Rated JUCO from Illinois)
  • Jeffrey Jordan - UCF
  • Marcus Jordan - UCF
  • Jacob Pullen - Kansas St.
    • From Illinois
  • Dwight McCombs - UCF
  • LaQuinton Ross - Ohio State
    • Senior year transfer from Mississippi to New Jersey Prep School
  • Chandler Parsons - Florida

Not any prevailing trends, but a few big names and a number of athletes who have had a lot of drama following their recruiting, have transferred or attended a prep school.  

Also, in last night's interview, Bender (BeBop) mentioned he was a fan of the following schools:

Kentucky, UCF, Kansas, UCLA, UConn, Memphis, Georgetown, Mississippi State, Tennessee, Ohio State, Auburn and UNLV

11 of the 20 athletes above committed to one of those schools at one point.

Additionally, Georgetown is the only school on that list to not have a major NCAA violation either punished or pending in the past decade.

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