What A Crazy , Wild Year In Sports!

Up and down, sometimes I guess, expect the unexpected!

Let me start off by saying, I hope I am not the only one who thinks that this year has been a crazy sports year soo far for all sports.


My Minnesota Vikings are heavily picked to win the NFC and possibly the Superbowl. The Dallas Cowboys who were picked alongside the Vikings to go to the NFC Championship. Both teams got no where near the playoffs, and by week 9 they were fighting for a higher draft pick.

The Kansas City Chiefs were once tied for the best record in the NFL in the first 7 weeks. THE CHIEFS MADE THE PLAYOFFS AS DIVISION WINNERS.

The Oakland Raiders for God sake went undefeated in their division.

Al Davis is still alive!

The Seahawks beat defending champions, New Orleans Saints. Marshawn Lynch came out of nowhere.

Jay Cutler had a pretty good passing season.

The Colts lose FIRST round of the Playoffs.

Mick Vick, enough said.

Tom Brady comming back from injury has one of the best seasons EVER!


Louisville finally makes a bowl after firing coach whats his name. Has the best recruiting class in the Big East.

Auburn straight surprised everyone. The SEC was not dominant at all in the post season.

TCU makes the Rose bowl. TCU beats Wisconsin IN THE ROSE BOWL.

Cam Newton used as a rental for Auburn just comes out like a man who got paid to play there, wait.

Alabama was a HUGE bust. Ingram has nowhere near Heisman success he did the year before.

Texas sucked balls.


Louisville picked 8th in the Big East finishes 2nd in the BE Tournament. Louisville loses consecutive First Round tournament game to MSU(sorry)

(have to say this) Kentucky loses 3 out of 5 starters in 2010 NBA Draft but still make a Final Four.

UCONN jjust came out of no where. I still do not think they are a good team, they just play alright ball and wait for Kemba to bail them out.

Kemba Walker transformed from 'that point guard that goes to UCONN' and 'the guy that Edgar Sosa owned their last two meetings' into 'the best player in the country' just from a pre-season tournament that doesn't matter.


The Final Four consisted of four Un-Traditional powers.

Butler makes second straight National Championship.

Duke didn't go undefeated.

North Carolina made an impact(no one but Dicky V thought they would) sidenote: He thinks they are great every year.

With all of the talent lost from the Big East the last two years, the Big East was still the toughest conference this year.

St. Johns hit everyone like a brick wall.


UCONN didn't win the National Championship.


Kevin Love puts white basketball players back on the map.

Blake Griffin is GOD( to everyone but me, I personally don't see whats so special, he is a high flyer, thats all)

Lakers slump, but don't they always mid season.

Heat don't go 82-0 as expected.

Derrick Rose is about to be crowned MVP

Melo to the Knicks

The possible BUST'S of the Draft, you know the people expected to do fantastic.

-Evan Turner

-Patrick Patterson

-Eric Bledsoe(he was really good for about three weeks)

-Daniel Orton

-Gordon Hayward

-Luke Babbitt




So do you guys get where I am going here?

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