Roland Jones, This Years Bryce Cotton.


Roland Jones Palo Verde Basketball 2010-2011 (via Rojo3001)

I figured, I would make an early return to the site. My will is done and I got business taken care of early. In the early months of the longest part of the sports years *cough* baseball season, and of course everything going wrong for Louisville(Kevin Ware who seemed like a solid Louisville lock is possibly a Bruin, the departure of Tim Fuller and the possible bottom of the gut feeling of loosing what NBA scouts say "The DWade of College" Rodney Purvis) I thought I would shed some light, and bring some spark, show some creepy recruiting. But this is not just a basketball player, this is not just a high school kid, this.. this is Roland Jones.  




Roland Jones, a 6'3(6'4 on a good day) star guard who attends my school. Real good kid he is, during my short time as manager for half of the season(ineligible for the second half due to grades) I got to become good friends with the kid, sounds a lot like last year with Bryce... Bryce... ahhh I can't remember his name, you know the kid that goes to Providence.

Anyways, Roland "The Hawk" Jones is a big body man on the court and was thought to be the missing piece of the Palo Verde Championship Puzzle,  led the team in scoring the whole season along with team captain Dorian Paige



Roland was expected to be a role player entering the season, much like the prior season at rival school Santa Rita on their championship run, Jones was unfortunately hurt that championship season. This year’s upon his transfer back to where he calls "Home" at Palo Verde, he was expected to help fill the shoe of previous star at Palo Verde, Bryce Cotton. He wasn't asked much due to the return of captains TJ Anderson and Dorian Paige who took the role of team leaders heading into the highly anticipated season. Jones was asked to take a much bigger role than expected as team leader when both Anderson and Paige were unfortunately diagnosed with heart problems. Paige was forced to sit out the better half of the season, while Anderson was sidelined for just a few games and would soon return.

But the spark wasn't there anymore.

The Titans of Palo Verde started the season with big expectations with new arrival Jones coming off an outstanding 37-4 summer record, but was disappointed first game after a questionable call by the refs against Sabino in the Salpointe Tournament. Jones brought the team back after a late 3 point jumper to tie the game, after forcing a turnover next possession, the Titans had 0.3 seconds left on the clock and tried an inbounds alley-oop to Jones where he seemed to be undercut but the foul was against Jones causing Sabino to go to the line and go ahead by two points with 0.1 seconds remaining, sealing a 67-65 Sabino win. The Titans would finish the tournament at a disappointing 1-3 record heading into their regular season.

The Titans would start the regular season 5-0 behind Roland Jones 18 points per game entering the Christmas break where they would have to defend their Bradshaw Mountain Holliday Tournament Championship. The Titans put in work the first three games before eventually falling to Fountain Valley from California, and lost to Paradise Valley the following game, ending the tournament 3-2.

The Titans started the second half of their season on a 3-0 streak started by taking down Jones’s former school Santa Rita.

"I could not wait to beat them," Jones stated before the game. Jones had to catch his breath a few times in that game as it came down to the final seconds. If you thought Lebrons' return to Cleveland was tough, Lebron had it better.

Jones first trip to the free throw line, the student section got up and shouted 'Traitor Roland,' and booed him every time he had the ball. The Titans would eventually win the game behind Jones’s 12 points and 13 rebounds.

The Titans would lose their star player, Captain Dorian Paige in the final minute of a game against Amphi, the best in state. Paige took a hard fall poking himself in the eye, the next game Paige was dressed in team jumpsuit as he was ready to play, but suffered concussion like symptoms in the middle of the day. Paige was checked out and went to the doctor for a routine check up, but doctors found something wrong with his heart and said he could possibly never play the game of basketball again.

A few games later Forward TJ Anderson had heart problems as well and was forced to miss a few games but would return for the last couple of regular season games.

Jones dedicated the rest of the year to Paige and Anderson as well as the rest of the team.

Entering the State Tournament the Titans had a low seed, but they didn't give up hope even though if they wanted to get to the state Championship game they would have to do it (do I dare say it, gulp) Green Bay Packers style, on the road.

Running on just pure emotion and on the shoulders of Jones, the Titans started the playoffs in Phoenix against Liberty High. With the Titans down by three points, Coach Chris Klassen called a timeout and It was no secret whos hands he wanted to leave the game into. As Jones got the ball from the corner he pulled up for a three pointer that scorched the net, sending the game into overtime. A few late overtime free throws sealed the game for the Titans 69-66.

All was good until the day they would for the third time they would play soon to be State Champs Amphi, this season, on Amphi's court. The Titans just didn't have the magic against the Panthers as they got crushed 82-54.

"I would say I had a good career," Jones stated, "Some years not as good as others, but I thought I finished it with my senior season being good."

Jones is a good sized body and can fly. So why not pick up where we left off from last years Bryce Cotton saga, lets help this kid out a bit, let’s make this a fun summer shall we.



(official roster picture, of me of course)


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