McDonald's All American Game Thoughts!



I know it really means nothing but it was really fun to watch....



Lets start with rosters.


Brad Beal(Florida)- He has good range, great size for a guard.

Chane Behanan(Louisville)- Big man can run the court GREAT, and has alot of hops for a big man. Samardo style, but not lazy.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope(Georgia)- Really all around, lengthy athlete.

Michael Carter-Williams(Syracuse)- Ehhh, I mean he is all right I guess.

Rakeem Christmas(Syracuse)-Really explosive, good catch for the 'Cuse, but we will beat them again next year.

Quinn Cook(Duke)-Realy good player, quick as heck!

Michael Gilchrist(Kentucky)  Ehhhhh, a little bit overhyped, they say he is the most 'NBA ready' in this class. He is good, but not NBA good.

P.J. Hariston(North Carolina)-He has a great ability to pull and pop in transition, UNC could be really good next year!

James McAdoo(North Carolina)- Great length, good ball handle for a big man.

Johnny O'Bryant III(LSU)- This man really didn't get the ball much looks like he has a great ability to rebound, I wanted to see him play alot more.

Marshall Plumlee(Take a wild guess)-The Dukies hope that by 2013 they will have a whole team of Plumlees. This guy is really good player, can jump out the gym. Devils should be good with him, Mason, Myles, Mike, Manny, Malcom, Max, Marcos, Mario and the rest of the Plumlee brothers alongside Rivers.

Shannon Scott(Ohio State)- Quick man that will draw alot of attention driving the lane.



Khem Birch(Pitt)- This guy is skilled. He is explosive off the boards, and poses a real threat to any other incomming big men.

Wayne Blackshear(Louisville)- What can you say? Hurt his shoulder but still put on an oppeneing act. Solid looking 15 footer and great at getting back on D.

Anthony Davis(Kentucky)- I really do not want to talk good about this, thing.

Branden Dawson(Michigan State)- Really didn't get to see much of this mans talent.

Myck Kabongo(Texas)- Really selfish guy from what I have seen. Has a ugly looking jumpshot and tried way to much to creat for himself. But he is alot better than I will ever be so I give him props.

LeBryan Nash(Oklahoma State)- All this guy looks like is a highlight reel. He will probably at best get you 13 points on a good day, and 50% of those will be dunks, since that looks like all he can do.

Austin Rivers(Duke)- WOW! What an amazing talent. He is absolutely amazing. I know Im sounding like Vitale here but this guy is talented. Easily the best in class.

Marquis Teague(Kentucky)-  He didn't stand out as much as I thought he would.

Adonis Thomas(Memphis)- Underrated, I think he is way better than Gilchrist even though no one likes to admit it.

Amir Williams(Ohio State)- I have no clue who that is!

Kyle Wiltjer(Kentucky)- Has a pretty good shot for a big man.

Cody Zeller(Indiana)- Soon after the Plumlee's take over the world it will be Zeller Nation. He got alot of productive PT, and he is hopefully the new savior for Indiana according to those "Indians" LOL


Cant wait for next year!

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