Lets Play Favorites?!! Look back at our season!!

   With a pessimistic approach to this season, bad loss to end a great one.. lets reflect on the goods.

I was thinking about this in my ME time in the shower after our tough loss today, I thought, "lets look at the good things, the good players, I wonder what my fellow Card fans and best friends at Cardchronicle would say."

Well bare with me here.

Lets start off with some players. In your opinion which player stood out to you the most this year, for me I would have to say Peyton Siva honestly. He has been most exciting and caught alot of media attention expecially with his two games against UCONN where he outplayed Player Of The Year nominee Kemba Walker.

I don't know what you guys think but this year Siva really helped put Louisville on the map as much as anyone else on the team did, as a player since he didn't spark immediatley like the nation is used to seing IE: John Wall, DRose, Sullinger. It seemed like people were starting to forget that Peyton was an All American comming out of high school. I mean it took the kid untill his sophomore season to come into his own and thats what shocked me. I knew Siva would be amazing but history told me he wouldn't have a great season untill Senior year when he plays great and gets our hopes up and then we realize 'he won't be here next year,' like TWill and Padgett their Senior year. So now I can look at him and say he has finally showed that he is a star, and we have him for two more adorable years.


What do you guys think player wise?????

Lets look at plays of the year, my favorite(im sure on behalf of everyone)



Lets look at games now.....

My favorite Louisville game this year would have to be a tie, BETWEEN ALL OF THEM!!!!!


But if I think about it, the most fun game to watch would have to be the Syracuse game, but the more intense game was the first UCONN game, out first road test. All the media talk and rivals talk about 'you guys had 20 straight home games of course you will win that.' We had a chance to shut them up , but it took 2 overtimes to do it against at the time the best player/clutch player in the nation, ranked #5 in the nation ON THE ROAD. But my god we managed to do it. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, I once turned the game off when we were down by 5 in first OT, I get back on and all of the sudden were in 2nd OT, Kemba has the ball down one point and takes a long distance shot wich almost falls, but we still won baby.

So vote or give me some suggestions on your player of the year for us and game of the year and PLAY of the year.

Well I dont know about you guys but in a year we wer'nt supposed to make the tournament, we finished third place in the toughest conference, I think we should doubt this team more often ;)

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