Guys, lets calm down please!! for me??

I mean I don't want you guys to be all "why is a 17 year old trying to be the voice of reason."

But I have a point here

The worst loss ever, as CardsFan922 stated on the "West Virginia..." post, probably worse that the Michigan State game. Mitchell and Jones were just as annoying as Cruton and Lucas.

But guys, we have been Cards fans long enough to know that in Morgantown, everything will go Bobby Huggins way. The ignorant crowd yells Karen Sypher every game now, Huggins acreams at the refs, puts them in a half nelson out of anger and still nothing. hahah thought that was funny, but on a serious note....

Refs obviously fucked us in the ass with no lube, foul after foul after foul, I mean you know the drill. It seemed that the only person on the team with less than 4 fouls was Hendo. The whole ball out of bounds situation could of gone eaither way because the ball looked like it was still touching Preston, but at the same time the WVU player was out of bounds as well.

I can't quite remember who it was on WVU but they got the steal and a open layup as Kyle Kuric followed him and some how it was a foul?

Look at it this way CC, what would that win have done for us if we did win that game, I'll answer that NOTHING. I mean sure it would of been nice to get the win but WVU was paying, I mean playing to get the first round bye. I mean i was pissed and throwing stuff as well the last .6 seconds but I got to talk to my Dad who lives in Louisville annd he helped calm me down.

It would of been better to lose in OT than to lose in that fasion. In Huggyville everything will go his way. My cousin texted me and said "I'm no UL fan but that call was Bullshit." 

I think I saw Edgar Sosa whisper is Prestons ear and say "Attempt the game winner with 5 seconds left on the clock."

So lets chill guys, I mean of course we will drop like three in the rankings but look at it this way, it was a warm up game for us. We beat them at the beginning of our tough stretch of the Big East back in January thats all that matters. We almost beat them with their top scorer in and our top rebounder out, with the rebounding differential being like what -20 or something like that. 

So guys lets just chill out we had a fantastic season, remember what we did in the Tournament last time we had a double bye......


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