Favorite Most Enjoyable Louisville Game???

 Well I was thinkin' this in my ME time...

My favorite Louisville game I have seen would have to be a tie,,, BETWEEN ALL OF THEM!!!!Kevin_bacon_logitech_medium

But I decided to trim it down to many of the few games I loved watching in recent memory.

Lets wind the clocks back two years, University of Kentucky seemed to be in its final "fed up" year with Billy Clyde. So they come to Freedom Hall to take on the Cards, that exact same day was a NFC Wildcard round with my Vikings and Eagles. Torn between the two I decide to watch the UL UK game, really smooth sailing for us at first , so I turn it over to FOX where I see Adrian Peterson break off his first career post-season Touchdown run, So I'm thinking 'wow what a day.' A bout an hour and a half later as I am switching back and fourth The Eagles are starting to play better and so is UK,  all of the sudden UK ties the game and out of nowhere I remember laying down watching this with my(UK Fan) dad...


And i remember Edgar Sosa throw up the shot, IDR what I was thinking but I immediatley jumped up and cheered as the shot went in and saw my dads head hang in defeat...



Next I look at a ND game that same year we have them at Freedom Hall, really tough back and fourth game, Luke Harangody and Kyle Mcalarney would not miss a three pointer for ND. But with the first half winding down Earl Clark pulls the most spectacular dribble drive take the man with you then DUNK IN HIS FACE play. We went on into overtime where we woule eventually come up with the win


Same year our White Out against Marquette, I remember how anced up I was to see this game the prior night, I had dreams about waking up late and miss the game(anyone else ever had that???)

I remember seing Andre Mcgee fill out his college dream and get a break away dunk, I remeber standing up and cheering for the young fella. I remember Clarks idiotic tip in TO MARQUETTS HOOP???? Anyways.. yeah


Lets go a year before that, we play Georgetown, we are host to College gameday and Pitino brings out the absolute best suit, the Colonel Pitino. I remember being anced up for this game decked out in all white shoes and Louisville shirt. I remember being happy as all hell when we won....Ncb_u_pitino2_580_medium

I also loved the game against Arizona in the Sweet 16. Ok alot of people down here like Arizona basketball(go figure) but in a year they weren't supposed to make the tournament, but diid anyways just beacuse of history, they ended up facing Louisville in the 3rd round of the tournament. Alot of my friends and teachers were against me the whole week simply because they were Zona fans, they thought they had a chance because we nearly lost to Siena the prevous week. 

Real tough game but we managed to slim by with a 103-64 victory... EVERYBODY TWILL CENTURY MARK DANCE


And how can well all forget the game where Mr. 3 points a game Kuric took his throne and slayed the Syracuse Orange on closing day of Freedom Hall.  I remember missing the first half of the game because I was at Taco Bell with my mom, but when I got home my eyes were glued. I saw Kuric hit that open 3, I started to clap. Kuric with the steal and bucket, I start to fist pump. Kuric with back to back threes contested, a couple ally opps I was jumping up cheereing waving my towel like Jerry Smith. Almost shed a tear.Alg_kuric_shoots_medium

What about the Big East Championship Game. I rmember the 1st half belonging to Syracuse because they were just running on pure love being they went into 7 OT that whole tournament. I remember I was at a neighborhood cookout the whole day waiting untill 7o clock, my Paw Paw(truck driver) came down to visit that night and I remember me being in dispair because we were down at half, ut I remembered the night before we had just beat Vill and we had a second half rally. Turns out Louisville just ran the Cuse and Johnny Flynn out of the building. And Im proud to say I am a fan of the team that won the championship of the toughest conference in NCAA history Outright and Tournament.


 Ok everyone sorry how long this is, but I want to hear what you guys think. What was your favorite Louisville game to watch. Some of your memories. I cant wait to hear, Love you CC.

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