Pitino, why I am SERIOUSLY unconcerned

Let's talk, shall we? I know, I know... We've already got Austin's fanpost which is all the rage, but I have to be my own man, have to jump out there on a limb.

There's a lot of talk about Rick Pitino, and how he just hasn't got what it takes to win at the University of Louisville. To that, I would like to offer you the memory of some guy named John Wooden.

I know most people haven't heard of this guy, and it's understandable. He coached at a small time school that barely exists in basketball lore whose most notable players have been relative unknowns like Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Bill Walton. 

Under his guidance, the UCLA Bruins only won 10 national championships in 12 years.

Before that point, though, he coached for 14 years at UCLA without winning a single championship. If that were Kentucky (or apparently Louisville), he would have been out on the street begging for a job. Instead, UCLA stuck with him and he led them to unmatched achievements in college hoops. He was 53 when he won his first championship.

Rick Pitino has been at the University of Louisville for 10 years. In that time, he has taken us to the Final Four once, the Elite Eight twice, and the NCAA tournament 8 out of 10 years. He has never had a losing season with us, and has won both the Big East and Conference USA once.

Yes, he has bowed out in the first round twice in a row. 

There are other things that have been said as well that I'd like to touch on briefly: "No one cares what happened to a team 60 years ago." Actually, they do. It's called loyalty. I know a lot of people assume that these kids who come to play basketball are complete idiots about the sport's history, but the really good ones aren't. The dedicated, die hard players aren't. If you don't believe that these kids or at least their parents are paying attention to history, take a look at Notre Dame's recruiting over the past ten years for football.

Maybe Rick Pitino isn't a god, but I trust him.

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