Pitino, Why I Am SERIOUSLY Concerned!

Before I start, Coach Pitino was on "The Herd" With Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio yesterday morning, and turns out that us Louisville fans aren't the only people in the world who thinks that Kentucky Fans are absolutely IGNORANT! A man from Owensboro, KY wrote to Cowherd that 'UCONN hasn't beaten anyone impressive to get to the Final Four,' and Colin was going off on this man and basically calling him an idiot. School pride only goes so far, but when you start sounding like and idiot, you have gone to far, IE: Kentucky Fans...

That being said I lead you into my story.....

Does any of these stats catch your attention and make you think at all?

Rick Pitino in his 8 years at Kentucky; won FIVE Conference Tournament Championships, THREE Final Four appearances, ONE National Championship, TWO back to back National Championship games, and ONE runner up in the National Championship game. Very impressive.


Rick Pitino  in his 10 years with Louisville; TWO Conference Tournament Championships, ONE Final Four, ZERO National Championship.

Now guys we can stick up for this guy TO A FAULT. No doubt he is a SURE FIRE Hall Of Famer and will go down as one of the best coaches in College Basketball History, but it makes you think a little bit about him.

Has Rick lost it, I mean he isn't old at all(from a coaching standpoint) I mean for God Sake his hair is still black.

How come he seems to of had all of his greatness at Kentucky and doesn't seem too follow it up at Louisville. Granted he did say leaving Kentucky was one of the worst decisions in his life. I understand he was younger back then, but how come that success can't transfer to Louisville.

He has done major things for us no doubt, but guys can we think about pushing the panic button just a little bit here.

Think about it, as Cardinal fans, nothing is sweeter than beating Kentucky. When Kragthorpe lost his second straight to the Wildcats is when we really started to want him gone, Rick has lost two straight to Kentucky. Both years where we had WAY MORE experience than them.

 I actually got to talk to my cousin who is a huge UK fan and he made a good, logical point.

He said:

"How come every year that Calipari does outstanding, and gets his team into the top 10, everyone always blast's him and says that he is a cheater, but this year we were not as near as good and didn't get anywhere near the top 10 the whole season and no one says a word," Like it or not it is true.

Aside the scandals Cal has been in, he is a great coach and a great guy, he just can't catch a break. But how is it that when he left UMASS, he started at Memphis right where he left off at UMASS and took The Tigers to a Final Four(was later vacated), and he hasn't missed a beat coming to Kentucky in just his second year he has them in the Final Four.

How is it that with Rick Pitinowe really only had like 3 or 4 good seasons out of 10 so far at his 10 years. Where in his second season, Calipari has them mother fuckers in the Final Four.

Listen here Cardinal fans, we can't use the term "BRIDGE YEAR" as an excuse for a loss, because we are now at the other side of that bridge, and we used that term almost to a point where every win is expected and every loss is frowned upon.

I think Rick has put himself in this postion, he has possibly the best recruiting class of his career in 2011. It is now time to see what the other side of this bridge looks like, we are here Rick, whats next?

Honestly, I personally think that if we do not make a deep run in the tournament next year, Rick will retire.

Believe me, the last thing I want is for Rick to retire. The simple fact being that now that Calipari is having more success in quite possibly the Best College Basketball State, the last thing we need to hear from Kentucky fans is that Calipari chases Pitino out of Louisville.

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