It Wasn't A Dream!?

First off before I begin, I wanted to apologize about my last couple of post. I was not feeling good at all. I said some pretty stupid things regarding players way more athletic and way more talented than I am lol. But still any Card fan on here I say sorry to. I still hope to remain brothers with all :)

No ME time, no music, or nobody can help me escape the inevitable fact that is our Louisville Cardinals are no longer in this NCAA Tournament.

It is to early to grieve in this tournament. Why did this have to happen to us, why did (as TWILL said) MOREHEAD STATE? have to be the one to eliminate us. It was bad enough Louisville had no respect going into the tournament, and we end like this.

I keep thinking back to that game, and all I can picture is seeing Preston! look out to midcourt while watching the Eagles celebrate victory. I remember watching the final 30 seconds, remember seeing that once they(MSU) brought the game within two points, I just had that feeling that they were going to get that lucky shot off. I don't remember being mad at all, I was shocked more than anything.

And to add insult to injury I was still at school; the place where everyone knows that I am a die hard Louisville fan, the place where all my classmates were just waiting to insult the team I cheer for at every turn. Believe me I took some heat, and got laughed at. In 6th period I overheard people talking about how terrible Louisville was and how they 'lost in the final seconds.' I wanted to so bad jump into their conversation and call everyone out, but I turned the other cheek.

I told myself it was a dream as I went to bed that night but woke up at 5 in the morning as I turn it on ESPN to find out that we really did lose, and that is when it really hit me.

Its crazy how sports are so incorperated into our lifes, and your favorite sports teams are like your child or brother. When your team is happy, YOU are happy; when your team is sad, YOU are sad.

Die hard sprts fans(including myself) spend the whole day waiting for my team to play, doing good deeds thinking maybe if you were do do something good, karma will repay you by making your team win. You spend the whole day nervous, worrying about your team and the outcome of the game.

Its amazing that us as fans rely on 17,18, and 19 year old athletes to make or break our day. Its funny how we yell at an athlete on TV and call them a "Dumbass," when they obviously know the game more than we do, just for our entertainment.

Back to my point, I noticed over the last couple of days that Card Chronicle(the best site in the world) has been down and everyone is in a horrible mood, and it is understandable. Our basketball team lost so we have a right to be in a down mood. But honestly as fans, we need to have eachothers back and cheer eachother up. But guys at the end of the day its a bunch of people trying to shoot a ball in a hoop.

There will be basketball for this team next year, and it will be some damn good basketball for Louisville.

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