A Letter To EVERYONE! If I May

I was in 3rd period earlier when the game started. I had previously downloaded the March Madness On Demand App for my ipod so I turned the game on, and through the crappy clarity our shitty school WIFI ofeered us, I saw the score jump out to a 3-0 Morehead St. lead. Minute by minute I would go on my phone I would look up the score and see them jump out to a large lead.  I stopped watching, then turn it back on going to fourth period to find out we jump out to a 33-30 lead, I look back a minute later  an find that the game is tied 33-33 to end the half. I knew from that point on that it was their night and it kind of summed up the day for MSU.I turn it back on about a half hour later to see that we are up by like 8 I think(can't remember) and all of the sudden they start raining down three pointers like nothing. They take a five-point lead with five to go after they hit a HUGE three pointer so I turn the game off and go to lunch and call my dad to basically concede defeat. He wasn't there he went outside and played the drums(his way of relieving frustration) But I then look on my phone once again and find that Justice hit a three pointer and I start to think 'we got this.' expecially after a Terrence Jennings dunk. But I then see that they go to the line to shoot fouls annd we then miss free throws and all of the sudden as the game is 61-59 there was no doubt in my mind that they were going to hit a three pointer. So that happened! And the reality of this loss hasn't really sank in yet, but later on it will, and it will hurt.

Dear Louisville: Thank you for putting me through one of the most fun seasons ever, I am still a die hard Louisville Cardinal fan no matter what the outcome. Its just not March without you in the tournament. No matter what I will defend this loss to anyone. Thanks alot I love you!

AS FOR THE PLAYERS!(playes who contributed this season, so not all of the players FYI lol)

Dear Gorgui Dieng: What an impact for your first year. I see nothing but good things for you in the future young man. I see you leading the nation in blocks next year, you bring nothing but good to the table.


Dear Elisha Justice: QUIT BASKETBALL! I hate you


Dear Mike Marra: One heck of a shooter, work on your free throws though, I understand you missing last second free throws at MSG the biggest sports stage ever in clutch situations, I forgive you.

Dear Stephan Van Treese: I see you as our Kevin Love, you can rebound really well and have an underrated short range jumper. Alot of good steals, your going places.


Dear Peyton Siva: One of the best Point Guards in the country, and you will continue to grow. Thanks for beating West Virginia and for schooling Kemba Walker two out of three times. You still have two more years, make them count man I love you! As for todays game, that had to be the WORST defense on a game winning shooter I have seen in FOREVER.


Dear Terrence Jennings: Most improved player on this team. Your defense has been great this year, and the way you throw the ball down with authority gets me pumped. Need to really work on your offensive game though, you have one more year here, do work.


Dear Chris Smith: Your brother tought you well. Im glad that Louisville was your choice of transfer. You are very exciting to watch. Need to work on your driving ability though, toward the end of the season you seemed scared to drive right to the bucket. But I cant wait to see you next year.


Dear Kyle Kuric: One of my favorite on the team. Everytime you shoot the ball I have no ddoubt in my mind that it will go in. You have a killer korner and you are pretty fly for a white guy. I know you will bring us nothing but good in your final year.


Dear George Goode: Thanks for everything man, Coach Pitino said you were one of the hardest working people he has ever coached. Sucks that injuries sidelined you alot of your career but yo stood out in your Senior season, good luck in life bro.


Dear PRESTON KNOWLES: On behalf of Cardinal nation, we can not be any more thankfull for a player than you. As hothot  said on his recent post, there wasn't one game that you didn't give your all. It sucks your final year, your amazing Senior year ended with you sidelined. It seems like the last 8 years we have all been saying every year 'at least we have Preston Knowles comming back,' well it will be hard not seing you out there buddy. Best of luck to you and your life.



DEAR RICK PITINO: Two straight years getting bounced out of the first round. I love you to death Coach P, and you are a sure Hall Of Famer, you lead a nothing team at the start of the year into one of the best in the country. But I do not know weather to believe all of the people that say that you are a mastermind in March. We need a championship, and If we couldn't do it back in 2009 let alone make the Final Four with possibly one of our best team ever, Its hard to see us winning one in the near future. You have one of your best classes comming into next year with an experienced squad, next year is the other side of this "brigde" lets do it baby.

DEAR SELECTION COMMITTEE: Thanks for screwing us in the draw this past Sunday. I know it makes perfect sense that Syracuse who ends the year fifth in the Big East gets a #3 seed over Louisville who finished second  gets a #4 seed.


Dear Injury Bug: Are you happy now, you got rid of alot of our major players and still didn't hurt us during the rehular season, but you struck back in our first game of the tournament, and you were just too much to withstand.


Well CARD CHRONICLE, you are all my brothers, I love you so.

Austin Montgomery.

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