Who is this team? For real?

I can not help but watch the video of the most perfect flowing game of the season (IMO) against Providence at home.  Now I realize that Providence is not the most talented team (aside from Marshon "freakin" Brooks), but the way we played that night was astonishing.  

I know we have had so many other close and nail biting games - trust me - I really know.  My nails are gone.  This video brings me to a true sense of this teams ability and the run it can make in the NCAA tournament.  It tickles my belly at the 1:34 mark in the video when Kyle flys in like a knight on a white stallion to get TJs rebound off the back board and Providence's big man (#42) jumps up and down like a fat kid who got chumped for his cake.  It excites me that Gorgui made a offensive mistake and turned the ball over only to be one of the first down the court on a break to block the seemingly easy layup at the other end of the court.  It astonishes me even more to see SivaBear dive to the ground sacrificing his body as if he were Derek Jeter diving for a hit between 2nd and 3rd base to bring the inning to an end. ......and of course there is Preston! who I don't really need to talk about because of course - He is Preston!......duh.

I listened over and over to the announcers dumb founded at play after play.  It was a complete game.  So complete that the famous "What's happening here, Bob?" was uttered.  That same game after SivaBear completed a cross court pass to King Kyle in the corner for a 3 pt bucket that the announcer asked "Is this Peyton Manning or Peyton Siva?"

That brought me to my main question?  Who is this team?  No really..........Is Peyton Siva actually Peyton Manning in disguise dishing touchdown passes up the court?

Is King Kyle actually King Vitamin?  You know....the pre-sweetened breakfast cereal produced by Quaker Oats that gave you the complete intake of all the daily vitamins and minerals needed.  Is Kyle that for this team?  The box even included a knight's mask I used to fight over with my brothers. (Don't act like you didn't eat them or you didn't fight over the toy in the cereal box)

Was the YUM! Center actually supposed to be the Preston! Center and the deal went sour at the end?  Yum! Brands stole Preston's naming rights?  Its possible.

Is Gorgui really from Senegal and speaks five languages or was that a facade he wore at the beginning of the season make Jeff Goodman feel better about himself and his ignorant comments?

Someone please help me out.  This was not the same team I saw at the Red/White scrimmage game at the beginning of the season.  I am trying to unsolve the mystery of who they really are and why they didn't and at this point CANNOT disappoint me. This team is simply amazing.   I love this team.


Someone please photoshop King Kyle's face on the King Vitamin cereal box.

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