It's Better To Of Loved And Lost Some,

Than to not love at all.

Guys comming into this year, all the bull-crap post about my good friend Bryce Cotton and Louisville which actually grown into something huge. I was a little immature Cardinal fan. I started to join this site and it was the best thing that has happened to me. It sounds wierd over the internet but Card Chronicle is my true escpae to real Louisville and Louisville sports. Reminds me of back home and I leave the site with alot more love every time. I thaank you guys for being with me and I am glad to call you FAMILY.

As for tonight and the season alone.

In my mind, comming into this season I thought 'there is no way we will make the tournament' but look at us now. The season grew on and as we got better mylove for the team kept rising. I love this team about as equally I loved it back in 09'.

That is why I am so devistated by this loss. I mean sure lets think about it, we were picked 8th in the Big East in pre season and now we finished second in the toughest conference behind a team picked 10th in the Big East. We can say that all we want but to me being in second just means your the first loser.

Tonights game, I want to say UCONN played a good game but it's hard to when actually they really didn't. The real difference was Kemba sitting the last 7 minutes of the ball game givin him alot of rest compared to when we played Johnny Flynn in 09' where he sat out the last 5 minutes because the game was out of reach.

I want to say Kemba played a good game when honestly he really didn't. Every call went his way and when he didn't get a call he would bicth and complain and make stupid faces. His first shot he made he was smiling and laughing, come on kid act like you made that shot before.

It seems really bad to me because obviously we were the fresher team and seing UCONN playing their 5th game in just as many days makes it look worse for us. As soon as I saw Kemba WALK and CHARGE into Peyton Siva at half court I already knew it wasn't going to be a good night.

I had a little bit of hope that final minute we were up by one and we stop them on a great defensive stand, I DID NOT like the shot Preston took to try and extend the lead being he was tripple teamed and a turn around jumper.

I knew as soon as Marra went to the free throw line that he would miss one, I absolutley had no doubt in my mind that he would miss one. You can't blame the guy though, its the Big East Tournament, its a fucking home game for 95 percent of the teams that play in the Big East Tournament.

I thought as soon as Preston took that last shot that it would go in, as it clanked off the rim, I just sat down and stared while ESPN and the media got their wish, Louisville was finally defeated. It would be nice to see Louisville as the favorite for one game against a good team. Before and during the game ESPN was preparing for the worst(UCONN LOSS) and ready to play the 'yeah but remember this is UCONNs 5th game in 5 days..." excuse like they did two years ago for Syracuse.

I look at it now and think, after Marra made that free throw UCONN tried getting the ball in and it looked like they spent WAY more than five seconds getting the ball in, but of course nothing was called.

Watching the game I feel like we played an outstanding game, but I can't pin-point what went wrong for us. Free Throw shooting was really good for us. Rebounded very well. The shot % was great the second half for us. If anything we should of started out the game attacking their big men down low like we did at the YUM! Center, this game they were focused on guarding Peyton Siva more than anyone.

Now that PUCONN is 1-3 against us in the last two years everyone all of the sudden thinks theat they are great. Kemba is a big fake, he flops more than Paul Pierce, and probably the most annoying/selfish player besides Brooks of Providence. Obviously Ben Hansbrough is a better player considering that he won Big East POY and we shut him down. As for UCONN during the tournament, I do not see them going that far at all, lock Kemba down and you win, they do not have multiple weapons. Not meaning to be a homer here but I see Louisville going all the way to the Final Four.

What went wrong for us fellas?

As a season I am glad to say that we had one hell of a season. Anything bad that happened to this team we just didn't worry about it. Swop and Buckels out for the season, we still did very well. I am glad I am apart of this family of Card Chronicle, I love you guys so much.

There is still more basketball to be played here guys and the real games begin next week, I know Rick will have us ready for that.

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