Our Road To Glory.! Big East Championship!



If history serves us right, we will win.


Remember just two years ago when we won the Big East Tournament, we had to go through Providence, Villanova, and Syracuse.

Don't these teams compare to our past opponents.


2009: Providence won two games and got to play Louisville with the double bye.

2011: Marquette did so as well.

2009: Louisville won in a blowout victory 94-67.

2011: Louisville blew out Marquette as well 81-56



2009: Villanova who gave us a tough run in the regular season which we won.


2011: Notre Dame did as well. But they won the game.

2009: Louisville faced a halftime deficit 35-26 in Novas favor, we then shot out after haltime going on to defeat Villanova 69-55.

2011:  We are down 6 at half 42-36. It took a little while but we managed to out-run the Irish.


2009: Syracuse come off of beating West Virginia in OT 74-69

2011: UCONN will come off defeating Syracuse 76-71 in OT as well.

2009: Syracuse come into the championship game running on pure adrenaline, being that the Championship will be their fourth game in 4 days including 7 overtimes(the equlivalent to five games) And all the media can talk about is Johnny Flynn and his ability to create, and his toughness to play through the pain.(not about Louisville at all)

2011: UCONN low on gas enters their fifth game in five days. All the media can talk about is Kemba Walker and his abilty to play great and UCONNs toughness to withstand so much minutes in five straight games.

2009:  We beat Syracuse at their own house in the regular season.

2011: We beat UCONN at their house and at ours in the regular season, with Sophomore Peyton Siva schooling Kemba and his overhyped Defense.

2009: Syracuse did exactly what the media said they would so, running on love, taking a halftime lead 38-30. But Louisville remained calm and knew that the head of their dragon(Johnny Flynn) would eventaully run out of gas with about 10 minutes left it was all Louisville from there.

2011: I feel the same sort of fate, with Kemba Walker and his squad trying to give it all they got to Louisville, they will use too much to create a small haltime lead, but then run out of steam early in the second half, leading Louisville to cruise to victory for the third straight time . Louisville making a statement for a number 1 seed.


Look to see alot of pressure on Kemba and alot of burst by Louisville with short attacks on Kemba like we did at the YUM! Center last month. I see Louisville winning this game tonight because we have beaten the Huskies before TWICE actually.  Huskies had some trouble with the zone last night against Syracuse, but our D switches up so much, experience guards like Kemba have no clue what do do.

My final score:


Connecticut- 60

Did I mention that I LOVE THIS TEAM!


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