Good/Bad News for those traveling to BET

Good News:  the majority of tickets were definitely sold to St. John's fans, Syracuse fans, and Notre Dame fans.

Bad News:  UCONN is only 2 hours away from MSG.  That's a cheap train and/or bus ride.

I take this kind of stuff into consideration when it comes to "road" games.  I have no idea who the crowd will cheer for as the underdog tomorrow.  UofL swept UCONN this season, so UCONN should be the underdog, right?   But UCONN has Kemba Walker who has been a step ahead of Ben Hansbrough as far as hype goes this season.  Without an NBA caliber player on the team, we might get the leftover fans.

From what I've seen this week, that is one thing that's very cool about the BET.  Fans from every team in the tournament bought tickets *just-in-case* their team did well.  Even though Seton Hall and Villanova went out in the first round, they will have people dressed in their team's memorabilia tomorrow, and they will be cheering like they have vested interest in tomorrow's winner.

But I have no idea who will get the momentum from those fans.

Pitt fans might cheer UCONN or UofL.  Depends if they're hopeful or spiteful.  Syracuse fans might go either way.  I suspect most of them will sell their tickets and go home for the weekend.  Notre Dame fans will be out.  They're preoccupied with teaching their next Harrongody clone how to speak English.  Villanova fans will cheer for UofL.  St. Johns fans could go either way (but I suspect they'll cheer for UCONN...there's a very potent love/hate feeling for Pitino in NYC for his time with the Knicks).  Marquette fans will cheer for us.  Gtown fans aren't really in attendance.  Jersey team fans could go either way...

It's really going to be a toss up tomorrow.  But I wouldn't trade any opportunity to be there.  I'll be checking StubHub periodically throughout the day.  The scalpers picked up a lot of tickets tonight from departing Notre Dame fans, so I might have to go through them.  I recommend that anyone coming from out of town check with StubHub first.  For some reason they upgraded me so *much* sweeter tickets last night for no additional charge.  And scalpers can be supremely shady.

When I look at StubHub and see tickets disappearing, I suspect that is all UCONN fans.  Part of my strategy for garnering momentum for Louisville tomorrow will be wearing the red and distributing bourbon amongst anyone in my vicinity.  Please believe that this works 100% of the time.

I'm cheering for you, team.  And I'm doing everything I can to make this as close as a home game for you as possible.

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