I love this Year's team


I can't stop looking ahead to next year. I really can't. We get a superfreshman in Blackshear, and the rest of our players will have matured. Here is what our depth chart will look like next year.

PG- Siva, Smith, Justice(if either are still here)
SG-Kuric, Smith, Henderson, Jackson Jr.
SF-Blackshear, Smith, Marra, Nunez
PF-Buckles/ Behannen/Swopshire, SVT
C- TJ,Dieng, Woods, Price

X-factor: Alright, I personally believe it is going to the 4 spot. All three could very easily start. If Buckles does not recover from this injury, then it COULD lead to problems. But I personally think Swop will start the first couple of games, but it will be an enigma after that. Swop has good experience, and can stretch the defense even more so than Buckles can, though subtracting the dribbling ability. Him and Rak are both very good rebounders.

Okay, question of the day is which player will start at the 4.
Also, next years UK day will really reveal a lot about the game today. Especially one philosophy. Are one and dones the way to go or experienced, seasoned players? I personally think you need both (like next years team) but that just me.

Here's what I think of the other position starters.
Peyton Siva - He already has an insane driving ability and shoot the ball when needed. If his passing and overall game improves as projected, we are in very good shape.

Kyle Kuric-. Kuric does most of his damage from the Korner, he has grrrrrrreat athletic ability. If he can take more people off the dribble, than he will be very good. He is not all that well rounded, but if he learns to drive then he is dangerous.

Blackshear- From

 3-Point Range
 Big-Time Scorer
One of the top wings in the Class of 2011. Blackshear has a rep as a scorer but his game is about more than that. A solid defender, elite shooter and all-around good player. Likely all-american and impact wing in college.

Not much more can be said.

Terrence Jennings - Likely double-double guy next year. He is emerging this year as both a scoring threat and 7+ rebounder, which will go up next year.

Well, as usual, please comment, and GO CARDS.

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