It's official, the media doesn't like Louisville!!!

First off: GREAT NIGHT.

Second: UK LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Third: WHERES MY PHOTOSHOP! LOL I asked for some cool photoshops of me weeks ago Im crying. lol

I decided to stay up late tonight and watch both the Sports Center version and College Basketball Final version of the beautiful game today.

I wanted to see what Scott Van Pelt/Kevin Negandhi and Joe Lunardi and Doug Gottlieb had to say about the win today, what kind of fabulous things they would say about Louisville.

I was let down.

Lets start out with Sports Center:

First highlight they show was Preston! making a 40 foot buzzer beater, and SVP and KN seemed to like it.

THEN from there on out the video kept getting screwed up and the only Louisville highlight they showed was PRESTON! picking the ball up and nailing a three. The rest were highlights of Syracuse making a comeback, and all SVP would say was "Louisville just broke down on the other side of the ball, free throws seemed to be the difference."

Not at all talking about how good we did.

Next highlight, UK Vandy game

SVP: "Now on to Kentucky and Vandy, lets talk about JOHN JENKINS HITTING 6 threes in the game scoring 32 points, fantastic job by vandy to hold off Kentucky."

I think they didnt see that Preston! hit SEVEN threes and our team made a combined THIRTEEN threes in the game.

College Basketball Final, heres what they had to say.

I think Doug HATES US.

Halftime of todays game when we were up by 10 all he could say was how horrible Syracuse' line up was and how JB didn't pay much attention to his bench and talked about things that Syracuse needed to comeback, not how well we did, how out 15 passes and 4 dribble drives on each posession TORE up the Cuse' Zone.

On to tonight, Joe Lunardi thought that the YUM! Center was a fantastic place to play and how it always provides a fantastic enviorment for a basketball game. Gottlieb still sucking on Cuse' sack once again talked about how horrible the line-up for Cuse was, the things they should of done right, how they were supposed to blow out Louisville.

And once again the highlights consisted of  TWO Louisville highlights both Preston! and the rest were Triche and Jardine making threes like crazy.

What did we do to make the media HATE us. Are they dissapointed that they picked us 8th in the Big East and now were tied for 3rd?

Did Gottlieb make a life savings bet against Louisville on that game?

Will George Goode stop shooting jump shots for Gods sake?

Love you Louisville nation, best site in the world with the best people in the world hit me up on Facebook and Twitter.


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