2012 FB Recruiting

So as we start to see the reports rolling in about new recruits, I started thinking, "What are our biggest priorities?"

In basketball, it seems, we always know what Pitino is going after...there's only 5 guys on the court at a time so there really isn't much mystery as to what we need.

With football its a different story. Charlie needs 30+ upper level players to compete every week, along with another bunch of good subs. I took a quick look at our current depth chart and this is what I found.

We "start" only 4 seniors on offense (RB- Anderson, WR - Bellamy, TE - Chichester, and RT - Kessling). And out of those 4 only Kessling is an every down player, the other 3 rotate pretty much all game with younger players.

On defense we only start 2 seniors (DE - Savoy and MLB - Heyman). Savoy was in a rotation with 5 freshman or sophomores at the DE slot, so I'm not too worried about replacing him right away, especially with players like Marcus Smith, BJ Butler, BJ Dubose, and Deionterez Mount that have shown signs of greatness when they've gotten their chance.

The slot I am most worried about is replacing Heyman. He was the heart and soul of our defense this year leading the team in both tackles and interceptions and second in sacks. The downside about having stud senior lead your squad is that his backups get very little PT and experience for the future.

So , what do you think, what direction would you like to see Charlie go as the recruiting "season" heats up. The current class is stocked full of DBs and linemen with a few LBs mixed in. It seems as though recently he's going for some big bodies (TEs and DLs) because you can never have too many of them.

I for one, though, think that getting a game changing RB would be great for Teddy. As CarolinaCard showed us this year, we do not have a very good running game (especially on 1st down). If we can get a Back (is that Ace Wales?) that can make running on first down worthwhile then our offense will become so much more dynamic. Our O-line is only going to keep improving with the quality and quantity we are amassing, but I really think that the best thing would be an upper level back that can take a little of the attention off of Teddy and open things up for our stud receivers to make plays down the field. Dom Brown and J Wright have proven to be solid players, but I think we can all see that neither are game changers capable of taking over games like Eric Shelton, Mike Bush, or even Kolby Smith or Bilal Powell.

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