I might be a little late, actually a LOT late.

This weekend has been full of late discoveries for me

Yesterday after storming out of my house in frustration after a verbal right with my cousin, i walked to the park with earphones in. The song that happened to play was Nirvana's hit single "Smells Like Teen Spirit," and it's an awesome song.

I digress, just right now I looked on CBSSports to see some columnist pre-poll college BB rankings, and found alot more. I look at the twitter updates and see the name 'GoodmanCBS' and wonder if that was the same Goodman that everyone bashes on 'The Chron.'

It was.

I read his tweets and according to this man, Louisville is no where near a top 10 team and we should 'be lucky' we are even ranked.

His personal ranking he put #7 Baylor over Louisville in the polls. I guess the man just lives to rant about UL seeming how much he hates us.

Here are Mr. Goodman's last few tweets:

GoodmanCBS "Louisville fans also have to realize that they play, I think, something like 11 of their first 12 games at the Yummy, Yummy, Yum Center!."

Hasn't UK had like the exact amount of home games? I may be wrong, i probably am but it seems that they have been playing in CuRUPPed arena all November.

GoodmanCBS"If those doing preseason rankings had known that Wayne Blackshear wouldn't be back until mid-January, UL wouldn't have been ranked so high."

GoodmanCBS "Love these Louisville fans up in arms we dropped them one spot behind Baylor. Should be beyond thankful this team (right now) is in Top 10."

It seems this man can't stay of Louisville's jock.

Once again sorry for the late bloom about this man, but who is he really. I hear his name as a punchline alot on here and I need someone to dumb it down for me of how this man works. Is he pro or anti Louisville.

Thanks once again guys, Go Cards.

Oh and BTW, i will punch a wall very hard if we are not ranked ahead of either Duke or North Carolina in the polls later on today. With how much the media loves Duke and UNC, it wouldn't surprise me at all if neither team moved. But i garuntee if Louisville were to lose by 20 to Ohio State they would easily be out of the top 10.

Now, the waiting game.

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