Just like you guys, I'm irritated!

I know it's one game of the year, but THREE straight times against our rival. What does it take to beat these guys, their whole team is under-classmen. A team of Freshman and Sophomores dominated our Senior led team, if you ask me that's embarrassing.

Besides the play of Russ and Gorgui, there was nothing positive ,to me that came from today's loss. The last 5 minutes of the first half was awesome, we proved that our defense is really good against a highly explosive team.

We need a new game plan, we can not execute any play at all in the half court. No one moves off the ball.

Kyle Kuric looked like he did not want to play basketball at all today.

I have lost all confidence in Peyton Siva with leading this team, simply because he went soft to the basket. Can't forget when he handed the ball to Teague on the fast break. His head isn't in basketball and Rick Pitino needs to teach him that, bench him for a few games. I am no longer a Siva fan again until he plays like he gives a shit.

Kentucky looked a lot like us in a way, besides Gilchrist all of their other shooters just couldn't buy a bucket. Gilchrist is a difference maker and we had no answer for him.

Chane Behanan looked as lazy and scared as ever in the post. Every time he got the ball in the post, he hesitated a bit and threw the rock back out.

Russ played his heart out and he is looking like the biggest star on the team, but we all settle for the "They played their hardest," or the "They fought it out," card, since when did we start to settle for every ones best effort I care about wins.

I am speechless, these last few days have been awful, this whole week has been awful. I say we easily drop to 10 and say no matter what wins we get the rest of this season we don't crack the top 5 again.

I'm sorry, I lost my cool. Just a bit angry. Just time to sit back with the family and ring in the new year and leave quite possibly the worst end of the year behind.

Love you guys and have a happy and safe new year, will the Cards turn it around in 2012, we will just have to wait and see.

IF YOU CAN, take something good away from this game and I don't want to hear "Effort," because if effort is such a big factor as everyone makes it out to be then we would be undefeated by now, right?

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