A Little UL/UK Game Preview.

Well guys, we have reached possibly the biggest game of the year. A game we have been waiting for ever since Louisville was ranked in the top 5 recruiting class along with rival Kentucky. A game we have been waiting for ever since we found that we were ranked in the top 10 with the cats.

The bragging rights will start tomorrow and will continue for another 12 month untill next years meeting.

As the kids say now a days "LEH-GO."

Louisville will eneter Saturdays game against bitter in-state rival Kentucky after coming off a deflating home conference opening loss to the Georgetown Hoyas.

Kentucky on the other hand is coming off an 18 point win over the mighty Lamar Cardinals.

Lets cut the bull and look at the starting match ups.

PG: Peyton Siva(UL) vs. Maruis Teague(UK)

As stated in a post from earlier this week, Teague is the least effective PG that Calipari has had in his three years at Kentucky.

Teague doesn't have a scoring instinct that John Wall or Brandon Knight had. Teague averages just over 4 assist a game to Louisville Peyton Siva with 6 but averages just 2 more points than the opposing Siva who averages 9points.

Teague has a more play makers on his squad so he doesn't look to create for himself where Peyton Siva is a guy that can take the game over by himself.

Match up winner: PeytonSiva simply because he can get off at any point and looks fully recovered from injury backed up by a 15 point 6 assist game against #12 Georgetown.

SG: Chris Smith (UL) vs. Doron Lamb (UK)

Chris Smith is a Senior captain for the Cardinal squad heading into Saturdays game, and every bit of his Senior poise and leadership is much needed going into a hostile enviorment like Rupp against Kentucky young gun Doron Lamb.

Lamb is strictly an offensive player, leading his team in scoring with 15ppg. His outside shooting is dangerous and just like we saw against Georgetown, we can not guard the three to save our lives.

Chris Smith on the other hand, is a defensive player leading the Cardinal squad in steals with 2 per game. Smith rarely gets off and has a good scoring night.

Lamb can get off at any time and he needs to be contained without him, Kentucky cant spread the floor with an outside threat.

Match up winner:Doron Lamb, because he can shoot from anywhere on the floor and create shots with his ability to get open.

SF: Kyle Kuric (UL) vs. Michael Kidd Gilchrist (UK)

Dick Vitale's crush Michael Gilchrist is an amazing play maker. He uses his size and length to get to the basket and has a jump shot when given enough space. He can create plays on the dribble and uses his versatility to get a crazy mid-air shot.

Kyle Kuric is more of a wait for my shot shooter. He is famous for his signature corner of the arch shot which rarely rims out. Kyle isn't too one-demensional, as we have seen in the past with Kuric, white boy can bounce. Kuric has a shot from anywhere on the court but he needs to get comfortable with Rupp Arena's corners real quick if he wants too be affective.

Match up winner: Michael Gilchrist, at Indiana he had a great game when it seemed like no one else from Kentucky wasn't doing anything. Bottom line he keeps his team in the game.

PF: Chane Behanan (UL) vs. Terrence Jones (UK)

Terrence Jones at this point last year was in consideration for the nations best player, but after injuring his finger earlier this season he has fallen off the deep end and become not nearly as effective as he was at this point last year. Jones was kept quiet in Kentucky's only loss to Indiana.

Chane Behanan is Louisville sensational freshman, hyped up coming into this year with co- All American Wayne Blackshear who is injured. No Wayne, no problem for Chane, he is an absolute beast in the middle on the defensive end. Offensively, Behanan can shoot from the three just like his opposition Jones, but both can only hit the three when completely wide open.

Jones can back down his opponents and has good post moves where Chane isn't ass effectiveon the offensive post. But once again Chane can not be moved so this is very interesting.

Match up winner:Chane Behanan(UL) Chane wins this one because a much younger guy and alot more energy and explosiveness than Jones who once again is having a down month.

C: Gorgui Dieng (UL) vs. Anthony Davis (UK)

Ok, the most intriguing part about this game is going to be these two young bulls going at it. Both Gorgui and Davis are shot blocking machines also are monsters on the board.

Just like we saw against Indiana, the battle inside has to be won fast. Zeller made Davis virtually invisable that game so post presence is a key in this one. But just like Vitale was screaming in that game, IU shy'd away from giving the ball down low to Zeller in the 2nd half which is the reason the game was so close.

Both men average 10rebounds a game and are nearly the same in height(Davis 6'10 and Gorgui 6'11) but Gorgui has 15 pounds on Davis and is much more powerful in the post.

Match up winner: Pretty even on this one, I believe who ever has the better post efficiency will have a much better shot of winning the game.

Kentucky relies on their young explosive energy in this one to get the crown amped up, where Louisville will lean on upperclassmen leadership from Kyle Kuric, Peyton Siva, and Chris Smith; two of those players have experienced Rupp Arena and know what it is like.

I do not want to give a prediction on the game, but I bet it will be a close one. Give me your thoughts below!


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