Why Louisville Beats Kentucky

Sometimes you just feel like going Mike Rutherford style and making a list of statements about a game. Here's my list for the Louisville/Kentucky game on Saturday. Some are Why Louisville Beats Kentucky. Others are just for fun. Please enjoy.

Reasons why Louisville beats Kentucky:

1. God should not reward people like Casual Gamer.

2. In 343 minutes of play this season, Peyton Siva has racked up 70 assists. In 402 minutes, Siva's Kentucky Counterpart has only racked up 58 assists. Add 105 points for Siva and 142 points for Teague along with 39 Turnovers for Siva and 41 Turnovers for Teague, and Louisville easily wins the statistical point guard match up position. This considering the facts that Siva has already suffered, missed time, and played through a concussion and ankle injury makes me very happy. No doubt, Teague is good, Teague is a freshman, and Teague will get better. Still, this is one match-up we should win on Saturday.

3. This woman's comments make me sick. Yes, it is a disgrace that a fan would be pushed down by an opposing fan base at the end of a game. People should be more careful. However, the notion that "What happened up there would never happen at Kentucky. They were so distasteful and not very sportsmanlike," is simply not true. Kentucky fans are in the top 5 for having bad fans and ridiculous celebrations. Remember when they acted like they won a National Championship after beating Drexel by 30. Sure, it's no big deal to take down a number one team, who just happens to be a hated rival with a very unlikeable coach, at home whenever your team has not made the NCAA tournament since 2008 when it went down in the first round. I mean, if there's ever a time to rush the court... Not to mention their distasteful chants involving Sypher, their awful fans who carve UK Wins into poor college students' vehicles after games, and every horror story I have ever heard from every Louisville fan I have ever spoken to after a visit to Kentucky for a game.

4. I hate to speculate. Just kidding, I love to speculate. I think Rick Pitino might have something up his sleeve. Something to unveil, a new offensive play, something. I hope. Our offense has been lacking, and I know new plays are generally introduced over the course of the season as the players learn and perfect them. I hope we break out something new and better on Saturday. We could also use some lock down on three point defense.

5. Indiana did it.

6. In 243 minutes, Russ Smith has 130 points. Comparable in scoring on the season: in 310 minutes, Terrence Jones has scored 133 points. In 337 minutes, Darius Miller has scored 137 points. Russ Smith should get more minutes. I think Russ Smith will get more minutes.

7. The past two years against Kentucky have been bull shit. We all remember 2009 and the drama on the floor. A nine point loss. Do you also remember the drama off the floor? I believe Siva had the flu a day or so before. I could tell he was sick during the game. He played five minutes and only contributed a steal, a turnover, and a foul. In a nine point game with those kinds of theatrics, I maintain that we have a much better chance to win with a healthy back-up point guard. Last year, Rakeem Buckles went down a day or so before the game. Buckles was a crucial part of our game (leading rebounder) then and likely a crucial part of our game plan against Kentucky for that game. Again, this season, we are riddled with injuries. Hopefully, though, this time, there has been enough time for planning around injuries to prevent a loss. Kentucky, on the other hand, I believe has had only a finger injury a few cramps in the past few years. Seriously, how do they stay so healthy?

8. Pitino has got to be fed up with losing to Calipari. I hope he channels such frustration into an attacking offense and relentless defense. My fear: Calipari has Pitino's number like Pitino has Boeheim's number. The match-ups have been disastrous these past two years. Has Calipari actually studies and imitated Pitino so much that he knows his game plans and how to beat him? It's possible, but I doubt it. I think the actual reason is as listed above combined with some very talented Kentucky players. John Thompson may, however, have Pitino's number.

9. Defense. It's not often that a team holds another team to only 27 points. It's also not often that a team makes as many miraculous comebacks as our team has. Defense is the reason for this. The Louisville Cardinals can lock it down when focused on doing so. I know there have been some lapses around the three point line, but simply knowing that this team is capable of holding another team scoreless for minutes as a time gives me hope.


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