An Early RPI Breakdown

We are now approximately 10 games into the season (1/3), so I decided it was time to breakdown the RPI ranking of the Cards and their some of their opponents.

First off, we know how the National media tends to slam us for strength of schedule and such. Well at the moment, and it is early, that may be a substantiated claim. Here are the top 5 AP teams and their strength of schedule

1. Syracuse-14th

2. Ohio State- 109th

3. Kentucky-86th

4. Louisville- 112th

5. North Carolina 53rd

So upon further examination you can see that out of the top 5 teams we have the worst SOS at the moment, but that the other teams perceived stronger than us have just as weak non-conference schedules.

Now on to the next thing that the Selection Committee will be looking at when it comes to seeding in March, since we don't have many road records to look at, we will look at top 50 wins.

1. Syracuse top 50 wins {2: Virginia Tech (44) Florida (50) with Stanford just missing out at 51}

2. Ohio State top 50 wins {2: Duke (1) Florida (50) loss to Kansas (23)}

3. Kentucky top 50 wins {2: North Carolina (18) Kansas (23) loss to Indiana (32)}

4. Louisville top 50 wins {4: Vanderbilt (12) Ohio (17) Long Beach (27) Lamar (38)}

5. North Carolina top 50 wins {3: Wisconsin (13) Long Beach (27) Michigan St. (29) Losses to UNLV(10) and Kentucky (21)

and now for BIG EAST RPI's

Syracuse -3



Seton Hall-9











St. John's-262


We pretty much have to take these wins with a grain of salt. Many of the teams Louisville has beat boast as top 50 wins may not be ranked so high when we get to mid-January, and all of these teams will add many more significant victories, or other teams will win more and move up. So I will close out by providing the current RPI of the top 10 teams in the AP in order: Syracuse (3), Ohio State(25), Kentucky (21), Louisville (11), UNC (18), Baylor (48), Duke (1), Xavier (7), UCONN (5), Missouri (54).

Once again these rankings are in the early stages and numbers are skewed, but if a team continues to win they will remain up around the top 50-75, which is where you need to be to be considered a NCAA bubble team, and if you are top 25 in the RPI, then there is a chance of a top 4 seed All RPI stats were complied by and were last updated on Sun at 9:38 pm. My computer crashed so it took me awhile to post this.

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