The importance of attendance

A lot of discussion on this site involves the constant coaching carousel that always seems to arise in college football and inevitably sweeps through the University of Louisville men's football program. John L. Smith (accepted Michigan St position during halftime of bowl game), Petrino (the worst/most flirtatious coach ever), Kragthorpe(omit/those years never happened/i was blackout drunk for them), and now Charlie Strong. Strong has resurrected our beloved cardinals from the cellar back up to a competitive level, on the brink of a respectable national program again. Why do successful coaches use our school as a stepping stone? Will we ever have a popular and successful coach stay longer than four or five years?

We have a dedicated and heralded Athletic Director, desirable recruiting ties (Florida, Ohio, etc..), a decent budget, excellent and modern facilities, tradition (granted it is not as shiny as other schools), current alumni in the NFL, and steady backing from the community (but not the state). We are currently in a weak BCS conference in which the potential for reaching a higher level bowl game is significant (knowing this all can change any day or time). Why then, are we simply an audition for a better job? A BETTER JOB. After listing the aforementioned pro's of coaching football at UOfL the notion of a better job seems far fetched. YES you could play in a more glorious, talent/tradition rich conference, YES you could find schools with better facilities, more former players in the NFL, more money, etc.. But most of all YES you can find a school with greater fan dedication and participation.

I'm not here to shame anyone. I know that most people on this blog are as dedicated fans as there are in sports. I'm here to discuss how we can create the 21st century elite UofL football program. You want to keep high level, talented coaches?

1. Show up to games

-Cool great new additions to the stadium! But why did you do that? I've seen this place more packed at a St. X vs. trinity game! Oh wow I can sit in the first row?

2. Show up before kickoff

-Hmmm almost halftime and I'm still not sure why people are just arriving. Dang, those players must have been real pumped up to run out on the field in front of 10,000 strong!

3. Cheer passionately during the game

-3'rd down and what? Yeah I'll take some breadsticks. Did we score? Where's the beer dude?

4. Sit in your seat for at least half of the game

-Damn that party deck sure looks full! But why would you buy a ticket to party during the game? Hey did you see all of the people underneath the stadium? how can those guys see the game?

5. Wear red or black

-Yes those are our colors. not green, blue, purple, pink, get the idea.

6. Don't leave in the fourth quarter while our team is trying to comeback or defend the lead

-how inspiring it must be to look into the stands to see your faithful leaving while youre trying to win a game at home. Despicable if you ask me.

We're on a collision course to a national championship. I believe it, you believe it, Howard Schnellenberger predicted it. The only variable is what? Time. Well I don't know about you all, but I know that variables can be manipulated. The TIME IS NOW.

We finally have a tremendous coach who has injected as much passion into our players as I've ever seen. If I was a young kid on this squad i would commit murder for Coach Strong. He has expressed his desire to build here, but we've heard it before. He has also expressed his wish for our fans to be timely, loud, and in their goddamn seats on gamedays. If we want to keep this man, this momentum, this fire burning we have got to deliver as fans.

CARDINAL NATION: This Saturday we make a choice. We choose between mid-major program, hit or miss every ten years, mediocrity. OR We choose to take a stand. Our boys have fought their asses off this season and have positioned themselves favorably in the conference title and BCS hunt. We can sit on our hands, get too drunk, not show up at all or just go socialize at Saturdays game....OR you can join me in dressing in my cardinal gear, arriving early to the game, staying in my seat, and screaming my head off for not only a victory against PITT but the future of this program. We have the power to make Louisville a destination, not a pathway. We have the power to watch top tier recruits perform in red and black, not against us. We have the power to hop on this train that our coaching staff has ignited and prove to them that they are wanted here and that we care about the product on the field. OUR team, our AD, our staff have all done their parts for The Ville. Have you?

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