The "Enjoy Your New League" Realignment Tour Rolls On

So....that just happened

 I don't even know if I have the words to describe just how awesome the weekend was from Noon Saturday until I went to bed last night. I will just say that between the win, and the pictures/ videos that came to us throughout the day on Sunday, this was one of the best weekends I've ever had as a fan of Cardinal football. Alright, now focus.

As unbelievable as it may have seemed after losing three in a row to start the month of October, this team now has a very real opportunity to run the table and finish the season with 8 wins. Yes,...... it's officially alright to think this could happen. Pittsburgh will come into The Oven on Saturday for what I truly hope is the loudest/ rowdiest crowd in the history of that venue. From the start of the realignment saga on 9/17, until the apparent ending two weeks ago, we all allowed ourselves to wonder how awesome it would be to beat Syracuse, West Virginia, and then Pittsburgh in consecutive games. Well,.. we're 2/3 of the way there.

As amazing as that is, revenge isn't the only thing at stake here anymore. Until Saturday I hadn't really thought about what it would mean for this team to notch three consecutive wins over those programs that seemingly left us behind for greener pastures. Well, it means a lot, a whole lot, and right now there isn't a game left on our schedule that doesn't look winnable.

Again, three weeks ago the notion that Louisville could reel off six in a row, and finish the season with eight wins was completely inconceivable to most of us. At best I think most Louisville fans were hoping to get back to Bowl Eligibility. Not anymore. Pitt is wounded and reeling, even though they beat Syracuse this weekend UConn was blown out by WVU a few weeks ago, and South Florida(?) well, they're 0-4 in league play right now. I know we've never won at USF; but, there will be a lot of guys on this team playing in front of their families on the day after Thanksgiving, and that kind of motivation is just icing on the cake for what Charlie already provides. As ridiculous as it may seem, if this team can run the table, and Cincinnati drops two of their last four (WVU, @Rutgers, @Syracuse, UConn), then this team will be back in Miami for the Orange Bowl to complete what could only be described as one of the greatest turnarounds in the history of College Football.

Charlie had a pretty wild ride in the locker room on Saturday afternoon, very fitting for the kind of season it's already been for we (the fans). If you don't have season tickets, and you haven't already stormed the ticket office, then what hell are you waiting for? Saturday is the last home game, and our last chance to show these guys how much we appreciate the hard work and dedication on their part, that culminated into this:






One game at a time boys..... Go Cards!!

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