Statistical Comparisons - Cards versus the Top Teams

Outside of the Chron-stop calling it that-I often go to Louisville Basketball's team page on to get information, highlights and other random statistics about our beloved Cards Hoops team.  For those of you who are not familiar, ESPN ranks every NCAA division basketball team in the following four categories - Points Per Game (PPG), Rebounds Per Game (RPG), Assists Per Game (APG) and Field Goal Percentage (PCT).  

Not surprisingly, Louisville's statistical rankings were not looking that admirable through the first 6 games.  So in an attempt to make myself feel better/worse, I took the following teams - UL, UK, UNC, CUSE, UCONN, OHIO ST, DUKE, & UF - and averaged their overall rank.  Much like ESPN's QBR, I have created my own BBR - Basketball Rating (0 points for creativity).  The best would be 1, the worst would be 260 or whatever the actual total number of schools ESPN ranks. Results after the jump.

I'm not going to list the actual stats of every team, because that would take too long and you can easily go look for yourself, but here are the results -(rankings are listed in the following order PPG, RBG, APG, PCT)


UL - 176th, 45th, 99th, 152nd = 448/4 = 117 BBR

UK - 13th, 2nd, 38th, 10th = 15.75 BBR

UNC - 5th, 11th, 3rd, 16th = 13.75 BBR

OH ST - 10th, 53rd, 5th, 9th =19.25 BBR

UCONN - 78th, 17th, 181st, 51st = 113 BBR

DUKE - 43rd, 250th, 230th, 22nd = 136 BBR

UF - 3rd, 8th, 11th, 33rd = 13.75 BBR

CUSE - 15th, 48th, 17th, 35th = 28.75 BBR


So you're probably asking yourself, why the hell am I still reading this? If so, you might as well finish because it's almost over. 

Now, moving on, is there anything this self created BBR based upon pure statistics can actually tell us about the outcome of our season? No, not really, (Somewhere, Tim Tebow is nodding in agreement), but it would sure as hell make me feel better if we weren't doing so statistically bad in comparison to other top 10 teams, outside of Duke and Uconn.  For whatever reason, being in the same boat as UCONN and DUKE actually makes me feel worse, as they were teams I already felt were overrated when the season began. 

When all is said and done, all that matters is Winning.  We've been able to do that so far (much to our defensive prowess, which admittedly is not factored into this BBR) so let's hope we keep it up.  I posted this for those who  enjoy stats as much as I do, so if you don't like it, go read an Austin Montgomery fanpost.  My fellow readers of the Chron (stop calling it that), Please share your thoughts, criticisms, internet memes and what have you in the comments. BEAT VANDY.

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