Cards whip USF - stats and recap

First let me say this is a great win for this young team. What a turnaround and what a year!

Now some stats: (yardage figures do not count punts or kickoffs)


Play Call Summary

Qtr      Total Yds Run Calls  Run Yds  Pass Calls  Pass Yds  Comp/Att   Scrambles        Sacks

1         105          10           47            10              58           4 of 7       3 for 14 yds        0

2           66           3             8              5              44           3 of 3       2 for 14 yds        0

3           97           8            16            14              87           7 of 12     1 for 0 yds          1 for -2 yds

4         102          13            35             6              66            5 of 6       1 for 1 yd           0


Through 3 quarters we called 29 pass plays to 21 running plays or 58% pass calls. This is EXACTLY the same run/pass percentage (58%) we have had in two of our last three wins and in all of those wins, we called more passing plays than running plays. It looks like that 58% pass to 42% run is just about right for us.


First Down Play Calls

Qtr   Run Calls  Results      TotalYds  Run Avg        Pass Calls  Results   Total Yds  Pass Avg   Comments

1         3            (0,0,2)            2             0.7                     4          (1 of 4)       4            1.0        1 dropped pass

2         1               (2)              2              2.0                     3          (2 of 2)      27            9.0       1 scramble for 8 yds

3         6         (6,1,13,3,-1,2)   24             4.0                     2          (1 of 2)       9             4.5

4         5           (5,-1,-5,8,2)      9             1.8                      2          (1 of 2)      16            8.0


We had 26 first down plays, 15 runs (58%) and 11 passes (42%).

Of the 15 running plays 9 went for 2 yds or less (60%) which obviously puts us in a 2nd and long situation.

Of the 11 called pass plays we were 5 of 10 for 56 yds & 1 scramble for 8 yds. 2 of the 5 incompletions were dropped.

The 5 completed passes went for 4, 19, 8, 9, 16.


Third/Fourth Down Play Calls

Qtr  Run Calls  Results  Conversions  Pass Calls     Results                                                   Conversions

1         2            (16,0)          1                4            1 of 1 & 3 scrambles for 36 yds (22,7,5,2)           2

2         0                                                1             1 of 1 for 6 yds                                                0

3         0                                                7             5 of 7 for 74 yds (5,14,29,8,18)                          5

4         3           (1,7,3)          1                2             2 of 2 for 34 yds (30,4)                                      1


Of the 19 third/fourth down plays we threw 14 times and ran 5. That's because of those 19 plays, only 5 were 3 yds or less, and 12 (or 63%) were 5 yds or longer and 8 were for 8 yds or more.


Some conclusions

Team looked pretty good today and earned this victory. Defense had some lapses in the secondary but played well in the second half. It looks to me like they play zone too much on the 3rd and short yardage situations which leaves the receivers basically uncovered on the short routes. This has been a problem all year. We seemed to be in more man to man in the second half and they only made half as many first downs on us. D line looked dominant at times as in they only had 1 yard rushing in the third quarter. That is impressive.

Our switch to passing the ball 58% looks to be just about right to me. Obviously, you need to take what the defense gives you, but all in all, this ratio looks like it works pretty well for us.

We still predominately run the ball on first down (58%). But getting 2 yds or less 60% of the time is putting us in a 2nd and long situation far too often. Makes it hard to sustain drives. Coaches said that they wanted to establish the run and get in 2nd and short situations. The numbers show that running the ball often times is exactly what keeps us from 2nd and short yardage with 60% of the plays gaining 2 yards or less. Obviously, we can't throw on every first down, but passing appears to be the better option more often than not, especially with Teddy's ability to run.

Teddy was very sharp on 3rd downs completing 9 of 11 picking up 8 first downs and scrambled for another first down. In all Teddy scrambled on 3rd down four times, making one first down and coming up just a yard short on all three other attempts. Could have been 4 for 4 with a little luck.


Great win for the Cards and we are seeing some superstars grow up right before our eyes. The future looks very bright for Cardinal fans. In Charlie we trust and.................

Go Cards.








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