An Impassioned Plea to the Powers that be

I would like to have just one year where we have a healthy team that can play/ practice/ develop together and reach the full potential of the roster that has been put together. Aren’t we deserving of that? Are we not good people who love college basketball, love our players, love our program as much as anyone else out there?

We are, I know we are. To the Lord of College Basketball, if you’re up there following the Card Chronicle,… please, lift this burden from our hearts. Please accept our impassioned plea for an end to this madness of never-ending unreached potential due to academic ineligibility and injuries. Please,.... we’ll gladly make a sacrifice in your name to end this cruel torment of our team (preferably non-human but, I think we're all up for discussion at this point)

In your name we pray,… Amen

Here is the link to an online petition requesting an and to our injury bug/ curse/ torment. Please take a look and sign it at your leisure. I'm not sure how we submit it or even send it to the entity that controls such things but, it might help you feel better.

The Request

    This petition is a plea to the God of College Basketball. It the formal request, of the fans of the University of Louisville, to put an end to never-ending string of injuries/ academic ineligibility issues of our players/ recruits. We, the fans of Louisville Basketball, maintain that we are a reasonable group of people. We love our team, and the players who sacrifice so much to entertain us from November- March every year.
     We are good/ loyal people who support our program with undying emotion and love; and, we don't feel as though we are deserving of the cruel fate which seemingly befalls us every year. We feel as though we are unfairly singled out in the injury/ ineligibility department. The constant revolving door to Fred Hina's training room has not only bewildered us, but it has also prevented our players from reaching their full potential as a team.

     We humbly request that you put an end to the torture, post haste. Not only is it depressing for us to know that our team could be much better with all the pieces in place, it is also tragic to see the players we love carried off the court like Mike Marra was last night. We respectfully request and appreciate your attention to this matter.

In your name we pray,

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