Should we be Jealous?

A few thoughts rain through my head as the basketball anticipation heats up. Should we be jealous of Kentucky.

So as I sit and enjoy the final stages of monsoon season here in Tucson where Calipari probably thinks in is Alaska, i realize that it is starting to become basketball time.

I think back to a few weeks ago, brother Wildcat rings in its first 2012 commitment with Archie Goodwin, a 5 star SG from Arkansas. We bring in 3 star PG Terry Rozier.

It kind of gets me jealous that UK is really bringing in good talent, year after year the past two years. And who do we bring in our first top 5 class in what 4 years.

While superstar Lebron James a few weeks ago was playing pick up games with the UK team we sit at home anxiously awaiting to see if our 4 star guard Kevin Ware is going to be eligible to even play. Lebron went on to say that Kentucky is looking really good.

Another NBA superstar Kevin Durrant is supposed to be playing ball with the UK squad tomorrow as well. How come’ UL doesn’t have any superstar play with them?

I will not lie guys I am starting to get jealous of the UK squad, while every year it seems that they are getting the best recruiting class, we continue to strive towards mediocrity.

And it seems that every post I write relating to things like this, I always get responses such as:

“Look at our veteran leadership, our players are only getting better.”

Well obviously it doesn’t pay off to be a senior now a days, for us at least. If Senior leadership is what we have over UK, it hasn’t worked in the last two years.

Maybe it’s me but I am completley impatient and want things now, so I don’t look to much into the future but I want to see immediate stars come to our hoop team like UK. And who cares if UK didn’t make the championship game with all that talent, they still stayed in the tournament longer than us.

Don’t get me wrong I do love our players but it sucks to see that most of them really come into their own during their final years of college IE: Terrence Williams, Edgar Sosa, Earl Clark, Preston Knowles.

What do you guys think?

ANYWAYS guys, It’s great to be back on!

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