10 Reasons Dominique Brown Should Start at Running Back Saturday

The Cardinals face their toughest test of the season this week at UNC. In a game like this, where Cards are a big road dog, one of the keys will be controlling the game. What better way to do that than to run the ball. Unfortunately, the running offense has been a disaster and a disappointment nearly all season long. Change is needed. In this humble writer's opinion, that change should be the primary back getting carries. As the header says, here are 10 reasons that Dominique Brown should start against North Carolina. 

1) He's a big back. The 3 backs that have gotten carries outside of Brown, are all 6 feet and under, and under 200 lbs. What's been missing has been someone who takes it straight down the gut. Brown has the frame to do so. Unlike Wright or Anderson, I think Brown could handle 20 carries game in, game out consistently. 

2) Brown has the best yards per carry on the team. Brown is at 4.9, Anderson at 4.3, and Wright at 3.8. With how weak the line is, that's impressive. Before you write that off as small sample size, he's only got 11 less carries than Anderson and Wright.

3) He hasn't fumbled. Jeremy Wright has put the ball on the turf twice, and that got him benched against Marshall. Victor Anderson has lost a fumble. Brown has nearly the same amount of carries as the other 2, and has kept the ball. That's pretty important. 

4) When not running the wildcat dive, he has explosion and field vision. The Cards run that stupid wildcat play with Brown going up the middle every time. The defense knows it's coming, but Brown has still managed to get yards from it. Brown got different looks against Kentucky, and exploded. 

5) Jeremy Wright hasn't taken control of the job. Wright had gotten off to a poor start before the fumble issues. I mentioned the 3.8 yards a carry. He doesn't look like the fearless back that he did a year ago. Losing a yard and a half a carry is big. If the coaching staff doesn't trust him, that's not good. 

6) Victor Anderson is a third down back. Vic isn't what he used to be. He's lost a step or two. He doesn't run with the same authority he did a couple years ago. He's not going to be what he was as a freshman, and the sooner that everyone realizes it, the better. He's a perfectly acceptable 3rd down back, with his receiving skills. He's not a feature back. 

7) Brown is already the Cards leading rusher in yards per game. That one speaks for itself. 

8) Brown has the longest non-punter run of the season. The fact the longest run of the season is still by the punter and we are in week 6 of the season isn't very good at all. 

9) Brown was going to be an RB at the college level anyway. If you remember the story of Brown's recruitment, you would find that once Brian Kelly left Cincinnati, the schools who recruited Brown wanted him for other positions. He wanted a shot at QB, but Ohio State and I believe Georgia Tech, wanted him for other positions. Brown was an option QB, so the chances of him playing RB were high. 

10) I stupidly asked Hot Hot for a quote on Brown, and he said: "Dom Brown looks good in compression shorts." Don't even want to know how he knows that. 

There you have it, fellow CCers. 9 great reasons that Dominique Brown should start, and 1 Hot Hot reason. I can't believe I went to him for anything besides stories of how he dated a stripper. Sigh. Go Cards. 

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