Thoughts on Midnight Madness Scrimmage

So we finally held a "Midnight Madness," event sort-of. Here is what I thought.



After majority fans had to sit and watch their Cardinals on their Television back in mid August when the Cards held exhibition games in the Bahamas, 11,000 people got a closer preview of this years highly touted pre-season top 10 hopeful Louisville squad holding their annual Red-White scrimmage in the sophomore year of the multi-million dollar KFC YUM! Center Friday night.

Junior slashing star guard Peyton Siva showed just why he was an All American coming into Louisville, hitting a last second jump shot to help his White team defeat the Red team in a thrilling 86-85 victory.

The White squad led by Siva and Senior F Kyle Kuric had a seven point lead withabout seven minutes left to go in the second half. With only 23 seconds left to go in the game, the White squad was up 84-83 until George Mason transfer Luke Hancock hit a jumper that would put the red team ahead by one 85-84.

Nothing that Peyton Siva has ever seen before, down by one in crunch time, no big deal. Siva pulled up in the paint for a clutch jump shot with just once second remaining, putting an exclamation point of this years basketball preview.

Let's start off with Starters:

Peyton Siva- Quicker than a hiccup, and his defence is awesome. It seems like he was stealing the ball on every Red team turnover. It looks like when he drives the lane, there is no stopping him. If it helps, he also hit the last second jumper to give the white team the victory. (19 points, 9 steals, 7 assist)

Chris Smith- Saw some good transition 3 point shots that went in. In my mind probably the pull up mid range shooter on the team. In my mind he battles Siva for the most athletic on the team. He looks a lot more focused and determined. (9 points 5 assist)

Kyle Kuric- Still King Kyle. He struggled early on in his "Kyles Korner," but is moving really well and his D has improved. To me he looks a lot quickerthan last year. He did hit five- 3 pointers. Wouldn't surprise me if this year he tries to be more of a play maker all-around dude instead of one dimension 3-point shooter. (24 points 7 rebounds)

Chane Behanan- That's it, there is no player I am more excited about this season than him. The dude gets back down court quicker than the guards. Early he had a few beautiful touch baby hooks. When he deep in the post its automatic. He had some explosive dunks and looks like the dude that wore #24 a few years ago, but better. THIS MAN IS A BEAST. (20 points 10 Rebounds)

Gorgui Dieng- Dude has put on some weight. But 6 fouls in the first 10 minutes of the game even for a exhibition game for the fans is still a lot. He looks so aggressive in a really good way. Him and Chane went at it in the post and that was fun to watch. I will make a bold predictionif you will, Gorgui will lead the nation in blocks. (26 points 17 rebounds 5 blocks)


Now lets hit our deep, deep, deep, deep, deep bench.


Russ Smith- Where in the world this dude come from. Russ Smith was on fire on both offence and defence. This is one scrappy ball player, he is going to be that annoying dog that just keeps biting your leg to other teams this year. His shooting has improved by much and doesn't look scared and jittery. I think we may have found a possible 6th man. (17 points 7 steals)

Mike Marra- The once labeled "Best shooter I've ever coached," by Coach Rick Pitino, struggled last night. Shot 25% from the field last night (4-12) but all of his made baskets came from three point shooting (4-8). (12 points 4 assist)

Tim Henderson- Never been that high on this guy. Hendo really struggled from the field as well shooting 25%. (6 points)

Luke Hancock- Dude, I am really sad that we will not be able to see him play this year. He looks like a poor mans David Padgett mixed with a smaller version's Clark. He can dribble pretty good for a big dude. (12 points 4 assist)

Elisha Justice- Ehhh, not so good. He is still sexy. (0 points)

Jared Swopshire- Swop put on an inspiring performance played 19 minutes. Looks like he is moving well but you can see that he is not the player he was 2 years ago because of his injury. All he needs is to shake that rust off and he will be the same, maybe better. Im saying around the Kentucky game he will be 100% (7 points)

Zach Price- Looked really good up until that injury. Looks like a starter if he stays healthy and could be switchedout with Gorgui throughout the year for a starters spot. (14 points 3 blocks)

Angel Nunez- Angel struggled last night. But he did show spots of great versatility. I think the 3 spot is a great fit for him. As time goes by he could have a T-Will effect. He is built like the former Card just an inch taller. (6'7) (5 points)

Is it basketball season yet?

What do you guys think of the squad? I see us winning the Big East this year. I hate UK but it is pretty cool that two Kentucky schools are projected top 10 preseason rankings. It's nice to see the state of Kentucky is getting recognized.

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